A new way to connect with customers: the evolving role of pressure

Communication and connections are important in the best of situations, but they become important as you adjust to a new normal.

As customer expectations evolve while staying high, marketing teams reconsider their plans so they can adapt to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Think differently and make adjustments

Whenever possible, make incremental adjustments so the process can be managed by your teams and consumed by consumers.

In times of change, staying true to your brand is important to maintain customer familiarity. “A crisis limits people’s ability to absorb information in the early days,” so it is important to continue communication and marketing efforts as information develops and time passes1.

It is likely that your brand has submitted security alerts in the past few months. It is also likely that news fatigue, which indicates a state of exhaustion and fatigue with prolonged exposure to news on similar topics, has likely set in2. Accordingly, updating your safety signage during the campaign is important for audience engagement.

Think of your campaign as a marathon, not a one-off sprint. You might notify customers of updated safety guidelines, Christmas sales, or cause excitement about a new line of products. This is where print can help deliver your message efficiently and repeatedly.

Using printed matter in-store or addressing customers with direct mail can help keep your message in view.

Improve connections by keeping an eye on the customer

People process information differently, so varying your communication strategy can help reach more people as their information needs and recording method evolve1.

Information retention increases when printed materials are used over digital: 87% of studies show reading comprehension and performance improve when printed materials are used instead of monitors, according to the Journal of Research in Reading3. With new and important information delivered almost every day, there is an opportunity to make your messages more memorable with print.

However, the thought of logistics for an ongoing communications or marketing campaign can turn anyone’s head, especially if the campaign message may need to be updated in-flight. When you have a message to communicate across the country or need to set a print deadline in multiple cities, printing closer to the point of need enables faster turnaround times and lower cost delivery.

Regardless of where your needs and customers are in the country, campaigns using printed assets can still run seamlessly, but you need to have the right support. You have deadlines and budget requirements and the right printing professional should help you figure out a solution to meet them.

Meeting high standards pays off

Conveying trust and confidence with consistent, high quality print materials shouldn’t be an afterthought. A lot of time is spent on the words and design of a message, but don’t let intent falter if poorly executed.

Brands are built and maintained based on consistency – not least on color consistency. Research shows that “Color increases brand awareness by up to 80%” 4. As a marketer, you know your company’s brand colors by heart for a reason. When it comes to color matching, precision is everything.

If you are printing in multiple locations with multiple printers, your colors will not be exactly the same. To achieve brand consistency, you should work with printing experts who use the same equipment nationwide. A uniform appearance helps your brand stand out in the minds of your customers and differentiate you from your competitors.

We all face unprecedented circumstances and we try to make the most of ever changing situations. Fortunately, there is the option of communicating and marketing to customers as little as possible. When you rely on a printing and logistics expert, you can go to great lengths to connect with customers.


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