150 power words to add a little pizzazz to your Copy & Deliver results

I can guarantee you that this article will be absolutely illuminating.

It offers actionable, research-based insights that are proven to turn your marketing copy from numbing to mind-blowing.

I know what you’re thinking – “Wow! The language you just used was absolutely electrifying! I’m totally engaged and emotionally engaged! I need to read this article and learn more about what it is talking about! Wow!”

Well, the words that I used there – the ones that have left you utterly transfixed and intrigued – are meant to trigger emotional responses and attract attention. They are known as power words and are a powerful resource for getting more out of your marketing copy.

Here we’ll explore the concept of power words a little further and see a list of 150 of the most effective ones.

What are power words?

Power words are words that are commonly used when writing texts and that cause strong psychological reactions in readers. They’re usually emotionally charged, a little over the top, and very persuasive. When used correctly, power words can generate interest and increase the conversion of marketing texts.

Power words are impressive – that is the key to their attractiveness and effectiveness. You are subconsciously telling readers to take action. Words like “amazing”, “definitely” and “stunning” give your copy extra pizzazz.

They are exaggerated enough to play with strong emotions and trigger highly arousing emotions. Taken together, these factors can add some urgency to your copy – one that consumers are known to be responding to.

It’s also worth noting that the utility of Power Words goes beyond the traditional marketing copy. These words can be used in sales or marketing emails to encourage consumers to read blog posts or to substantiate successful CTAs. In all of these cases – among others – it is known that power words trigger action and increase conversion.

Power words usually play with emotions related to fear, encouragement, anger, lust, greed, security, and taboos. For our list, we’ve grouped these components into three categories that are directly relevant to the business – urgency words, confirmation words, and safety words.

Without further ado, here is our list of the most effective business power words.

Urgency words

Urgent words should create the impression of an immediate, urgent need behind an offer. They are used to promote concepts like scarcity and value – to convince consumers that they only have enough time to benefit from a great deal.

1. Bargain

2. Before

3. Big

4. Big deal

5. Big time

6. billion

7. Bonus

8. Cash

9. Cheap

10. Deadline

11th dollar

12. Double up

13. Exclusive

14. Expire

15. Extra

16. Quick

17th finals

18. First

19. Frenzy

20. Giveaway

21. Huge

22. Hurry up

23. Immediately

24. Immediately

25. Jackpot

26. Limited

27. Luxurious

28. Massive

29. More

30. New

31. Now

32nd premiere

33rd price

34. Profit

35. Quick

36. Reduced

37. Empire

38. Low

39. Leaving

40. Save

41. Savings

42. Almost

43. Special

44th rise

45. Ultimate

46th value

Confirmation words

Affirmation words can be used in two main contexts: highlighting the high regard for a product or service, or enhancing consumer self-awareness. They can show that an offer goes beyond the competition or lead potential customers to believe that a product or service improves perception by the world around them.

47. Amazing

48. A-plus

49. Amazing

50. Amazing

51. Awesome

52. Fine

53. Blissful

54. Breathtaking

55. Awesome

56. Celebrate

57. Celebrated

58. Colossal

59. Courage

60. daring

61. Joy

62. Effortless

63. Empower

64. Epic

65. Excellent

66. Excited

67. Exceptional

68. Eye opening

69. Fabulous

70. Fantastic

71. Fearless

72. Violent

73. Flawless

74. Magnificent

75. Biggest

76. Grit

77. Happy

78. heart

79. Hero

80. Hope

81. Incredible

82. Drop your jaw

83. Life changing

84. Adorable

85. Magic

86. Stunning

87. Wonderful

88. Next level

89. Perfect

90. Phenomenal

91. Remarkable

92. Sensational

93. Spectacular

94. Great

95. Graduation

96. Noticeable

97. Breathtaking

98. Great

99. Thrive

100. Unbeatable

101. Incredible

Safety words

These words are generally used to reassure consumers. They show that a product or service is well tested, trustworthy and safe. Safety words are primarily intended to show that several other consumers are using the product or service in question reliably.

102. Beyond that

103. Accredited

104. Anonymous

105. Approved

106. Authentic

107. Automatically

108. Authoritative

109. Authority

110. Best

111. Best seller

112. Better

113. Bonafide

114. Abort anytime

115. Certified

116. Definitely

117. Reliable

118. Detailed

119. Approved

120. Assured

121. Expert

122. Failsafe

123. Childproof

124. Really

125. Guaranteed

126. Guilt free

127. Legit

128. Legitimate

129. Obviously

130. Patented

131. Professional

132. Protected

133. Proven

134. Refund

135. Reliable

136. Research Supported

137. Results

138. Risk Free

139. Scientific

140. Sure

141. Reasonable

142. Surefire

143. Tested

144. Thoroughly

145. Trustworthy

146. Unconditional

147. Verified

148. Far beyond that

149. World class

150. Carefree

If you want your copy to have additional excitement and impact, refer to this list as you write. For now that you have a definite, bonafide and authoritative understanding of power words, you can use them to take your copy to phenomenal, mind-boggling, formidable, astonishing heights.

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