11 of the Best Free Google Sheets Templates for 2020

Whether your marketing position involves sending invoices to customers, tracking website analytics, or preparing budget and expense reports, you’ve undoubtedly worked with spreadsheets in some form or another.

And if you’re anything like me, these tables can feel frustratingly boring when you’re in a time crisis.

Fortunately, Google Sheets has 26 pre-built templates that you can use to create reports and analyze data in spreadsheets faster and more effectively.

Best of all, Google Sheets templates cover certain categories. For example, if you click the Paid Traffic Report template, your spreadsheet is already divided into Summary, 12 Month Trends, and Average Breakdown categories. It knows what you need and does it without manual input.

Here we’re going to dive into 11 of the best free Google Sheets templates for any marketing role in 2018 so you can create better spreadsheets and save valuable time to focus on more important things – like the data itself.

To find these templates in your Google Sheets, go to your email and click Sheets from the drop-down menu.

Then click the up and down arrows next to the template gallery. This will show you all of your template options.

Finance Google Sheets templates

1. Invoices

If you are a freelancer or work for a small business, you likely use invoices to bill customers for services. This invoice template simplifies the process – it has space for all the information you need and it looks more professional than a simple spreadsheet. Plus, the template is customizable so you can create a theme that goes well with your branding image.

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2. Annual business budget

This template is more detailed than it initially appears. At the bottom are tabs – Setup, Income, Expenses, Summary – and each has a number of sub-categories. For example, “expenses” cover everything from taxes and insurance to travel and customer acquisition. The final Summary tab tracks your earnings, subtracts your expenses and updates them automatically to show your closing balance each month. This template is a great option if your budget requires a lot of adjustments and has a lot of moving parts.

3. Annual accounts

The financial report template is truly an all-in-one resource for keeping track of business transactions, profits and losses. The Profit and Loss tab automatically summarizes income, costs, and expenses for the year and shows the percentage of your growth rate. If you work for a small business and need to manage a lot of your own finances, this template provides resources and guidance to make the process easier and less prone to human error.

Google Sheet templates for reporting and analysis

4. Website traffic dashboard

If your role requires you to analyze website traffic using Google Analytics, this template is a fantastic complementary tool that allows you to translate this data into an organized report, saving you a lot of time. Better still, you can use the template with the Supermetrics Google Sheets add-on to monitor and analyze data from PPC, SEO, social media, and website analytics.

5. Website paid traffic report

This template makes the process of analyzing and reporting on paid traffic relatively seamless. It automatically collects data on your paid sources from Google Analytics and provides a neat graph of vital information including target conversions percentage, total traffic, and bounce rate from PPC. You can also customize it to compare different time periods or different channels or segments. If you’re looking for a way to demonstrate the impact paid has on your business, this is the tool.

Google Sheet templates for customers

6. CRM

To organize your contacts and automate an effective sales and marketing process, it is important that you have a CRM. However, if you’re a small business just starting out, you may not be ready to implement a fully-featured, fully-featured CRM. This CRM template is a great place to get your feet wet. It is saved automatically so you never lose data. You can use the approval function to work with colleagues in CRM. This is helpful in promoting collaboration between your sales and marketing departments.

Google Sheet templates for project management

7. Project timeline

Whether this is your first big project or you’ve been managing projects for years, the project timeline template is a useful tool for organizing and implementing each project step. The template allows you to visually break a daunting project into smaller pieces, ideally making organizing and delegating tasks easier and less stressful.

8. Project tracking

If you’re juggling multiple projects at the same time, this project tracking template might become your new best friend. You can categorize your projects by date, result, status, cost and hours. The best part is that you can prioritize your projects. Hopefully, simply visualizing what needs to be done first will reduce the time management stress.

9. Event Marketing Timeline

The event marketing template provides organization and structure when implementing an upcoming business event or campaign. It features categories you might have forgotten, including local and national marketing, PR, and the web, with sub-categories ranging from email newsletters to impact studies. The template is already organized with all the categories necessary to plan an event, which reduces the time spent on tedious manual entries.

10. Gantt chart template

The Gantt chart template will help you resolve any timing concerns. When you have a complex project with overlapping components, timing is one of your main concerns. With the help of the Gantt chart template, you can visualize all steps and delegate important tasks more efficiently. Labeling the task with an owner on a diagram is certainly easier than individually tracking it via email. By sharing the template with colleagues, everyone is equal.

Google Sheet templates for leading a team

11. Employee shift schedule

Keeping track of who works what hours and how much each employee pays can be confusing, especially if you’re leading a team of part-time contractors or seasonal interns. This template includes slots for employee names, hours worked, and monthly wages, making your payroll process straightforward and organized.

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