5 brands that have won Australian promotional awards [+What Marketers Can Learn From Them]

With all the work that marketing teams are responsible for, it can be difficult to take the time to re-inspire themselves and capture a spark of creativity that leads to a new marketing strategy. This can be even more problematic for brands in physically isolated areas.

Take Australia, for example. The distance to other English-speaking regions like America and Europe can make it difficult for marketers to spread brand awareness globally. Ultimately, Australian brands need to develop competitive and innovative marketing strategies in order to stand out and grab the audience’s attention.

So what do you do when you work for a brand in a place like Australia and just can’t come up with a marketing idea that will take your business to the next level?

Get inspiration from award-winning brands.

Country-specific awards ceremonies could be a good starting point. By following these competitions, you will learn more about how brands in your area are effectively working towards national or global awareness.

In Australia, The Effies is a major advertising and marketing prize competition that brands and agencies look out for.

The Effies is a marketing and advertising contest that includes regional and global ceremonies. Every year, brands are recognized for advertising strategies, rebranding tactics, effective marketing techniques and innovative campaigns. Brands that win the Grand Effie in their region are also eligible for global competition. Past global winners include big brands like Dove, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft.

While this year’s Global Effie Awards have already been announced, the 2020 Australian Effie winners will be announced in late October.

To inspire innovative strategies or campaigns from marketers, advertisers and agencies in Australia or similar territories, here are five past Effie winners and two 2020 nominees to learn from.

5 Australian Effie Awards Marketers Can Learn From

Advert by Great Northern Brewing Co. for 2019 – Carlton & United Breweries

Awards: 2019 Gold and Grand Effie Award

The team at Carlton & United Breweries founded Great Northern Brewing Co. back in 2015, however, the young brand struggled to compete with beer brands that had decades of Australian credibility and brand loyalty behind them.

After the new beer brand partnered with Clemenger BBDO to run ads for young adult adventurers and older Australian beer lovers, Great Northern became the best-selling beer in Australia.

Great Northern’s effective advertising strategy involved video content and commercials that embraced beer drinkers young and old as well as the great outdoors. One of the most memorable pieces of content within the Great Northern strategy was The Great ReCamp video.

The mini-documentary, which launched before Father’s Day 2019, tells the story of a real father and grown son who go camping after a life-threatening diagnosis of cancer.

The video begins with the words, “For most of us, our first memories of nature begin with our fathers.”

After presenting footage of a boy camping with his father, the documentary looks to the future in which this boy who is now grown talks about how he loved camping but eventually making contact with his family lost when he moved to focus on his career.

Years later, the son explains that he rushed home when his father was battling life-threatening cancer. When his father recovered, the son said he had decided to take him on the same camping trip they’d been on earlier.

The documentary features images of father and son joining by the fire, fishing together, swimming in rivers, and subtly drinking Great Northern Beer in several places.

When the camping installation comes to an end, the son says: “We don’t need everything that we have these days. Sometimes we have to remember it. Camping does that. – You can’t bring everything with you.”

The video ends with the two men sitting in their campsite. The father gives his son a Great Northern and asks: “Do you know this happy place?” He looks out over the grassy Australian countryside before having a beer with his son.

A text appears that says: “Sometimes you have to go far and wide to stay close. – Camping with Papa on this Father’s Day.”

With such content, Great Northern positions itself as a beer for Australian adventurers of all ages. Great Northern tells the story of a nostalgic father-son journey and combines emotion, relativity and Australian pride with its beer. This enables the beer to hold its own against large breweries with decades of brand loyalty.

When the Grand Effie was announced, the judges’ statement said, “This is a classic case of how good marketing and advertising can still turn a small brand into a leader.”

“In 2015, XXXX Gold sold Great Northern by a factor of six to one. Four years later, Great Northern became Australia’s best-selling beer. This was achieved through thoughtful insight, strategy and execution,” the statement added. “The Great Northern case study is a model for all advertising students.”

“Help is who we are” – NRMA Versicherung

Forgive: 2019 Gold Effie

After the decline in customers since 2014, NRMA Insurance, a home insurance company, partnered with The Monkeys to develop a campaign that gives their brand and product a “new purpose”.

When Australian forest fires nearly made koalas extinct, NRMA’s campaign aimed to market an initiative where the insurance company would plant a tree for every home insurance it sold. Unsurprisingly, the campaign mascot was an adorable koala bear.

The title of the NRMA campaign, which ran on TV, radio, print and social media, was “Help is who we are.”

NRMA Help is Who We Are Campaign

Image source

One of the campaign’s commercials, titled “Every Home Is Worth Protecting,” tells the story of a boy who befriends and tries to save an endangered koala.

At the beginning of the ad, the boy is riding his bicycle down a tree-free street when he sees the frightened bear holding a wooden power line. After stopping, wondering if there is something to be done, and finally riding away from the bear, the boy lies awake at night guilty as he stares at a picture of a koala in his bedroom.

When he returns to the power line in a cart the next day, he doesn’t see a koala and gets angry – assuming he’s been injured or killed.

Fortunately, he turns around and finds the koala peacefully in his car.

The boy takes the koala into the wild, where several new trees will be planted. The bear climbs a full-grown tree while the boy waves goodbye. A text overlay on the screen reads: “We plant a tree for every home insurance.”

By partnering with Conservation Volunteers Australia to plant trees in Queensland and New South Wales, and by marketing the initiative on multiple channels, NRMA shows that it is an insurance company that cares about both its customers and the environment.

By planting a tree for every policy sold, NRMA gives potential customers more motivation to choose their insurance company. When customers buy a policy, they protect themselves from harm to their home, but they can also feel good helping a koala in need.

“When it comes to revitalizing your brand, its original purpose can easily be overlooked. This is an important reminder that sometimes it is best to get back to your roots and that exceptional value can be unleashed by reinterpreting what made your brand great from the start, “wrote NRMA in its Effie filing.

According to the post, “NRMA Insurance has reversed 8 years of declining customer numbers and reached customers for the first time since April 2014, despite a growing price premium.”

“For an insurance brand synonymous with helping Australians, it made a lot of sense when we came across the idea of ​​home insurance for koalas. A campaign to protect the homes of our furry friends, “Vince Lagana, executive creative director of The Monkeys, said in a statement to Campaign Brief.

“Coolest Suit on the Planet” – M.J. Bale

Forgive: 2018 Gold Effie

Through market research, M.J. Bale, an Australian menswear brand that 82% of male shoppers consider wool as a winter fabric. Because of this connection, M.J. Bale suggests that potential customers could sacrifice the classic and professional look of a wool suit for more comfortable clothing – especially in hot climates like Australia.

To prove that people can comfortably wear suits in any hot climate, MJ Bale has developed a range of wool suits called “Cool Wool” and, together with TBWA Sydney, has launched a partially comprehensive campaign entitled “Coolest Suit on the Planet” started. “”

Half of the campaign consisted of a video series broadcast in the M.J. Bale stores and on social media. This content followed Good Morning’s British weatherman Alex Beresford when he wore M.J.’s Cool Wool suit. Bale found and traveled to the hottest places on earth.

While the weatherman traveled to areas like China, Africa and India, which were often over 43 degrees Celsius, MJ Bale shoppers in Australia could walk into the brand’s stores, don a cool wool suit and stand in a heating chamber that gave them the opportunity made it possible to experience wearing the suit in hot places around the world.

You can check out a role that highlights the entire campaign by clicking here.

According to Effie’s contribution, the “The Coolest Suit on the Planet” campaign increased sales with M.J. Bale suits by 78%, increased pedestrian traffic by 54% and achieved a 344% ROI

This was a great example of how video, influencers, and comprehensive marketing tactics can be used to allay potential customers’ concerns about a product and get them to buy. By combining business experience and video content, M.J. Bale the visits to the store that resulted in purchases.

If the audience is not convinced, consider an M.J. Buying a Bale Cool Wool suit after seeing a weather expert comfortably traveling through hot terrain, they may be convinced if they can actually stress test the outfit themselves.

Dare the nonsensical ads of Iced Coffee – Lion Dairy and Drinks

Awards: 2017 Gold and Grand Effies

Have you ever felt confused and in the fog before having your morning coffee? This is a feeling that Dare Iced Coffee went to extremes in a series of fun ads that led to Gold and Grand Effies.

As of 2016, Dare Iced Coffee and its owner Lion Dairy and Drinks have worked with AJF to create commercials in which everyday people do something completely nonsensical because they haven’t had their daily dose of iced coffee. As soon as the protagonists take a sip of the product in each ad, they immediately begin to think clearly again.

In one of the funnest ads in the campaign, a father named Dave carries his dog in a baby carrier instead of his child.

When Dave’s friend sees him, waves and looks confused, an Australian narrator says, “Oh, oh. Dave mistook his fur child for his real child?” Dave looks down in shock to see the predicament he’s got himself into. Meanwhile the dog looks into the camera and barks: “Dave-o!”

From there, the ad cuts through to product shots of iced coffee being poured while the narrator explains the flavor benefits of Dare’s product.

The narration ends with “A Dare Fix Will Fix It!” As the viewers watch the father confidently drink his coffee with his child in the porter.

Dare’s ads were short, sweet, and memorable for their humor. They also do an impressive job of filling short 30-second slots with full comedic storylines and valuable facts about dare coffee. In addition to being entertaining, the ads set Dare apart from its many competitors.

“Dare has successfully taken over Australian iced coffee brands and international pick-me-ups by creating a new consumption occasion: the habitual choice when people are not thinking clearly,” read an article on Effies’ official website. “The Effie judges found that given the breadth and strength of competition in this category, the strategic challenge was substantial. The goal was both clear and ambitious, delivering outstanding growth and ROI.”

Narellan Pools data-driven advertising campaign – Narellan Pools

Awards: 2016 Gold Effie

With most customers only considering installing pools during the summer months, Narellan Pools wanted to develop a marketing strategy that could increase conversions early in the year.

Narellan worked with Affinity, an Australian agency, to create a database of market research, their company’s conversion history, and weather data to determine the times of the year when prospective pool buyers were serious about home installation.

Using the data-driven strategy, Narellan and Affinity determined that the optimal time for pool-related conversions was on the first two consecutive warm days of each calendar year. From there, Narellan increased ad spend and targeting potential pool buyers just before the weather warmed up. Some of the highest editions were used in the first two consecutive hot days.

The content of the targeted ads emphasized the “bliss” felt by immersing yourself in a pool. Here is one of the ads titled “A Splash of Bliss”.

The short video shows a woman who dives into a pool as a narrator and describes how magical an early morning swim can feel – especially in a Narellan pool.

Narellan’s and Affinity’s data-driven strategy has reduced its annual media spend by 30% and increased revenue by 23%.

Below is a video case study that describes how the paid ads strategy works:

Narellan’s strategy is a great example of how brands can use data to learn more about potential buyers and make their advertising tactics even more effective.

“Our data-driven targeting made it possible for our insightful campaign to be accessible to exactly the right audience – and only at their turning point in their purchase decision – and to achieve groundbreaking results,” states Affinity on its website.

Australian Effie nominees

“You don’t need Australia’s best network until you do.” – Telstra

In 2019, Telstra – a telecommunications brand used by millions of Australians – partnered with The Monkeys to run a series of ads showing how people can benefit from a strong network.

One of the campaign’s most emotional and comprehensive ads follows a man telling his parents about his sexuality by letting them know he is engaged to his partner.

At the beginning of the ad, the couple sit in their car on suggestion. The man suggested to nervously wonder how he will tell his parents while his supportive partner says, “You have to tell them sometime.”

When the nervous man whispers, “I’ll do it” and pulls out his phone, he sees that he has no reception. His partner says, “It’s okay. Use mine.”

Using his partner’s smartphone, which is operated via the Telstra network, the man successfully reaches his parents and nervously shows that he is engaged to a male partner. The parents congratulate and happily accept the son for who he is.

Telstra’s campaign and commercial above are effective as they highlight the key milestones or moments when we all want or need our phone service to work properly. Not only does the ad show us how well the service is doing, it also allows us to relate to the brand and its mission on a more human level.

“Whether it’s breaking the news, changing plans in a hurry or looking for something important quickly, it’s nice to know that Australia’s best network is there when you need it,” said Stuart Alexander , Creative Director of The Monkeys, in an interview.

“The Bedroom Report” – Bed Shed

In collaboration with the Australian agency Rare, Bedshed – an Australian bedding chain – launched a campaign that merged great video content with market research data.

The first part of Bedshed’s initiative included a two-year study in which the brand surveyed consumers across Australia about sleeping habits.

After completing the survey, Bedshed launched a website that looks like a large interactive infographic to highlight interesting results. Many of the facts revealed in this study explain the importance of sleep to overall health, what gets in the way, and how buying a good bed and mattress can help prevent insomnia.

For example, Bedshed’s study found that “23% of men talk while they sleep,” while 66% of their partners lie awake hearing what they are saying. It also found that 1.7 million people wake up in the middle of the night due to poor pillows or mattresses.

the bedroom report bedshed campaign Not only did Bedshed create a data-driven web experience, they also ran a series of ads showcasing key study results and direct prospects for the business to learn more or to try a new mattress:

Bedshed’s campaign is a great example of how a data-driven content brand can attract an audience. Through its detailed research, the brand is also positioning itself as an expert in the overcrowded bed industry.

When a prospect buys an expensive product – like a bed – they may want referrals from someone who knows a lot about the product. After seeing the content on Bedshed, those prospects might think that a company that knows so much about its industry is going to sell high quality products.

What we can learn from Effie winners

Even if you don’t have a big budget or agency to help you market your brand, here are some strategies any brand can use to spread brand awareness and target new audiences – just like the companies above:

  • Be human: While Great Northern Brewing embraced fatherhood and Australian pride in marketing its product, Dare Iced Coffee made ads that were weird to coffee drinkers. If the content of your brand is understandable, it can also be unforgettable. Not to mention that people who find brands to be more reliable and authentic trust them more.
  • Embrace a larger purpose: Although NRMA sells home insurance, they realized that helping the environment would enable them to serve an even greater purpose. And through their marketing, people can trust their brand more because they care about something beyond just buying policies.
  • Use data: While M.J. Bale was inspired by market research, Narellan Pools’ advertising strategy was driven by analytics. While creativity is key to grabbing audience attention, data can help you optimize your content and share it at the right time.

For more information on the latest Australian marketing tactics, check out this list of the country’s most innovative website designs or check out these fascinating Australian Instagram stats. Or, download the listing below for more expert tips on creating a successful campaign.

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