The ultimate collection of free content marketing templates

Are you intimidated by any aspect of your job?

Sometimes the most stressful of content creators can be opening a completely blank document to start a new project.

Whether you’re writing a blog post, designing an infographic, or creating an e-book, it’s difficult to create new content from scratch, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Here in the HubSpot content shop, we want to do the work for you. Instead of mastering how to create any type of existing content, reduce stress and inefficiency and read about our collection of nearly 400 free, customizable templates for creating content.

We’ve broken this list down for each type of content marketing template depicted. Jump ahead if you want to specifically:

Content management & calendar templates

A template for content planning / goal setting

(Download the content planning template here.)

HubSpot worked with Smart Insights to create a content planning template that you can use to create an effective content marketing plan for your company or that of your customers. You can use these templates to do a SWOT analysis of your content marketing efforts (and develop a plan to improve them), define the right goals and KPIs for that plan, develop ideas for content and map them through your funnel, and a schedule for Your create content plans.

Content planning Ipad-2 2

A content mapping template

(Download the content mapping template here.)

They know you need a content marketing strategy to support the success of your inbound marketing and sales organizations. But how do you start We created a content mapping template that you can use to track your target audience’s journey through the buyer. The template helps you identify buyer personalities, their challenges and needs, and create content that offers solutions. You will leave the template with tons of targeted blog post ideas to draw your audience to your website and convert them into leads.

Content Mapping Template 2-3

A buyer persona template

(Download the Buyer Personality Content Template here.)

Marketing with buyer personalities means smarter marketing. This buyer persona template will help you organize your research easily to create your own buyer personas. Use this option to create beautiful, well-formatted buyer personalities to share with your entire business while learning best practices for persona research.

create-persona-templates-1-1 Blog editorial calendar templates

(Download the blog’s editorial calendar templates here.)

Having an editorial calendar for your marketing content will save you a lot of time – not to mention common sense – planning your content release schedule. We are aware that there is no single solution. That’s why we’ve created three editorial calendar templates that you can use as you wish: one for Google Calendar, one for Excel, and one for Google Sheets. (Check out this blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Google Calendar template.)

GLOBAL - Header Image - Editorial Calendar Templates-1

Calendar template for social media content

(Download the social media content calendar templates here.)

With so many different social networks to manage, a social media manager’s life becomes a lot easier when they can plan what content to share on each account – and when. Organize your social media activities well in advance with this easy-to-use social media content calendar for Microsoft Excel. Use it to schedule your updates and learn how to properly format your content for the six most popular social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest.


On-page SEO template

(Download the on-page SEO template here.)

The more content you publish on your website, the more traffic sources you want to prioritize. One of these sources is organic traffic. To make on-page search engine optimization easier, we’ve introduced a handy planning template that you can use to create a website structure that organizes each website, its purpose, how long it should last, and how you associate each new website Metadata can optimize the page you publish.

Header image for new LP-2-1

Written and editorial content templates

6 blog post templates

(Download the blog post templates here.)

Here’s the thing about blogging: there isn’t a simple template that you can fill out to create a quality offering of content. You’ll need to spend some time coming up with a title, outlining the core content, and so on. Our templates walk you through the important steps to create the following six blog post types:

  • How-To Post
  • List-based post
  • Pillar posts
  • Infographic post
  • Newsjacking Post
  • What is? post Office

We have seen these formats destroy it on our blogs and we would love for you to use them to help achieve your own goals.

Untitled design (17) -2-1

18 e-book templates

(Download the e-book templates here.)

Year after year, marketers cite lead generation as one of their top content marketing goals for the year. If you want to be successful at Lead Gen, you need content offerings – like e-books – to get there. Our in-house creative design team has created 18 beautiful e-book templates that can be used in either InDesign, PowerPoint or Google Slides for you to download, customize and use.


4 free memo templates

(Download the memo templates here.)

Memos are essential content for effective internal communication. While they may not be customer-centric, they can target your team to ensure that everyone on your team is creating better, more targeted content.


28 calls to action

(Download the call-to-action templates here.)

Redesigning your call-to-action buttons can improve click-through rates by 1,300% or more. This means that visitors spend more time on your website and encourage them to become leads. To help you design clickable CTAs, we’ve created 28 pre-built CTAs for you. These CTAs are very easy to customize, so you don’t need to know any fancy design programs – just PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Bonus: There’s also a handy free tool that lets you track your CTA clicks in real time so you can see the exact number of clicks your designs include.

Copy of Untitled-5-1

A press release template

(Download the press release template here.)

While public relations has adapted to be more lovable and less spammy, press releases can be effective when used correctly. Our press release template takes this into account and offers an input-optimized version. This means the template can help you write press releases in a format that is optimized for sharing on your company blog. You can easily adapt the PR requirements to your PR needs.

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 9.13.58 a.m.-1

Design content templates

195+ visual marketing templates

(Download the visual marketing templates here.)

Not a designer? No problem. We partnered with graphic design software company Canva to create over 195 visual marketing templates that are easy to use, work for any industry (finance, dentistry, agriculture, legal – we have them all), and are completely free. Best of all, they can be edited in Canva’s online design tool, which is included in these templates for free. The templates contain …

  • Infographics templates
  • Facebook ad templates
  • Facebook post templates
  • Twitter post templates
  • Email header templates
  • Blog title templates
  • Facebook cover templates
  • Twitter header templates
  • LinkedIn cover photo templates


15 infographic templates

(Download the infographic templates here.)

We’ve created fifteen pre-made infographic templates right in PowerPoint (+ five bonus Illustrator templates). That way, marketers can skip the frustrations and start creating the graphics right away. Each template even comes with guides that teach you how to use the templates effectively.

Free infographic templates

Social media content templates

50 social media graphic templates

(Download the social media graphic templates here.)

Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content. However, we know full well that creating visual content takes more time and resources. That’s why we’ve created these 50 customizable templates for you. These templates are located in Google Slides, so they are very easy to edit – no Photoshop knowledge required. Just customize the text on a picture, save it and post it on social media.


11 Facebook cover photo templates for business

(Download the Facebook cover photo templates here.)

Given the frequency with which companies are changing and improving their Facebook Pages today, it is critical that you have new material in the pipeline. Double up your Facebook designs with these 11 templates dedicated to your Facebook cover photo. Get these designs by clicking the link above or the graphic below.


Email content templates

15 marketing and sales email templates

(Download the marketing and sales email templates here.)

Did you know that employees spend almost a third of their time at work reading and answering emails? There are many ways you can optimize your inbox to save time. Ultimately, however, you still have to compose and send email. This is where these content templates come in. We wrote the copy for 15 email marketers, and sales reps will likely keep sending it over and over to save you time and get results.


Email Marketing Planning Template

(Download the email marketing planning template here.)

Give your free email marketing plan a purpose and set goals with this free template. This template is available through Excel and Google Sheets and can help your marketing team plan an effective email marketing campaign.

Laptop email-1

There you have it, content marketer: nearly 400 templates to easily and quickly create content and drive your inbound success.

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