16 cheerful examples of vacation home page designs

According to the National Retail Federation, e-commerce accounted for 20.9% of total Christmas sales in 2019, and that number seems to be increasing every year. This gives you the opportunity to position your online shop in front of a large number of consumers who are actively browsing the Internet to buy goods.

The smartest marketers are preparing for the surge in website traffic by not only preparing their website for above average traffic and optimizing it for mobile devices, but also by adding a dose of vacation joy to their website design.

It all starts with the homepage: the first page many people see when they come to your website.

Holiday Homepage Designs to Get You In Mind

How have other companies redesigned their websites for the holidays? Let’s take a look.

Note: Companies change their homepages regularly. The following examples may not be current.

1. Free people

If your business has a loud personality like the American bohemian retail company Free People does, making a great first impression on your homepage can be a great thing. The Free People redesign is comprehensive, starting with a large banner promising free express shipping and appealing to all shoppers who are concerned about delivery times when shopping at the last minute.

Below the main banner are four calls-to-action that highlight gifts and festive products. This directs vacation shoppers to the pages on their website that they find most useful.

free people vacation homepage

2. PayPal

Who ever said online money transfer websites can’t have fun on vacation? After all, sometimes the best gift is a little more padding on your bank account, and PayPal confirms this with the slogan: “Bringing the mood: spend, send and see the savings for added joy all season long when you use PayPal.”

This PayPal holiday theme works because it still looks like PayPal – just a little more festive. It’s still easy to navigate, but adds a seasonal flair with a clever twist on some text from “Jingle Bells” as a holiday slogan. The space encourages visitors to focus on the happy models in the picture and put human faces on an industry that is factual and technical.

Paypal vacation homepage

3. Sephora

Like PayPal, Sephora hasn’t made many changes to the overall look and feel of its website. A Christmas edition of the top rated products and editors’ recommendations has been released, specially compiled for different gift recipients, price ranges, categories, etc.

Sephora puts editor selection first and reminds customers how much the company values ​​customer success. We also love the gold background color – it’s a cute, festive way to make the homepage happy and bright.

Sephora vacation homepage

4. Baudville

While the seasonal website redesign is often dominated by B2C companies, some B2B companies have been known to beautify websites a bit too. Baudville, an employee recognition solution, is one of them.

While some web designers like to add tons of new elements to their vacation designs, Baudville’s design below shows you don’t have to. Something as simple as adding a Christmas gift shop slide to your home page photo banner can be enough to warmly welcome users to your website this time of year.

Baudville vacation homepage

5. La Colombe

The design of the La Home homepage by La Colombe is characterized by soft, warm colors and festive red accents. Visitors are greeted with a picture of La Colombe coffee products in boxes, an indication of the idea that many shoppers send gifts through the mail. The “Give the Gift of Coffee” tagline is a great example of a company that stays true to the brand and adds that extra vacation touch.

La Colombe holiday homepage

6. L. L. Bean

For a US outdoor retailer like L. L. Bean, the holidays mean winter … which means cold. (Unfortunately for most of us.)

This design completely keeps the holidays away from the seasonal makeover: the photo shown on the homepage is of a model wearing clothes in front of pine trees covered in the show, which is in line with the brand’s outdoor theme.

L. L. Bean shares a list of vacation gift ideas with some of its most popular and popular products. The seasonal homepage’s slogan – “Gifts That Go Beyond the Present” – reminds visitors of L. L. Bean’s amazing satisfaction guarantee.

If you are more interested in a seasonal redesign with winter themes, you should use photos with winter themes for your homepage. You can also cool down the color scheme of your entire website for the holiday season. This means that cooler tones like blues, purples and greens are used to create a more “wintry” feel.

llbean vacation homepage

7. The container storage

The Container Store homepage design below is a fantastic holiday move as it is full of goodies for visitors to enjoy. Every module on this homepage offers customers something helpful – gift items, gift ideas, luggage for vacation trips, party items and DIY projects.

The various CTAs on the homepage are clear and tell visitors everything they need to know about the rest of the site. The geometric shapes organize all of the content neatly so that the homepage isn’t cluttered despite the fact that it contains various offers.

Container Store Holiday Homepage

8. Base butter

Instead of using the greens, reds and golds that you would normally expect on a vacation homepage, Base Butter retains its cool color palette and dispenses with pines, ornaments and other vacation images. Instead, they use a minimalist image of their product given as a gift from one person to another, with the headline “Gift a Glow”. This is important because it emphasizes the act of giving.

Also note that these are “Gift a Glow” rather than “Gift Skin Care Products”. They’re selling the result rather than their product, promoting the idea of ​​giving a gift that really matters.

basebutter holiday homepage

9. J. Crew

This design of the J. Crew holiday homepage exceeds all expectations of a clothing store. The space on the page is simple and makes the clothes and accessories stand out to potential buyers while keeping the website branded.

Its website advertises “Present-Topia”, a gift guide that breaks down J. Crew’s products by age, gender and price to make shopping easier. The black label box advertises a sale that includes seasonal clothing. J. Crew also released curated looks that visitors can browse or shop directly to make the shopping experience easier and more visual. This homepage redesign prioritizes the user experience while still keeping the website beautiful and branded.

jcrew vacation homepage

10. Lume

Like the rest of Lume’s advertisement, they take a humorous twist with their homepage.

As a natural deodorant company, Lume is changing expectations of “Your days will be happy and bright” in its hilarious and witty edition, which instead reads “Your days will be happy and smelling bright”. This matches the tone of their brand and brings out the benefits of their product with fun jokes.

Coupled with the copy are attractive images of their products along with a snow-covered pine tree and ornaments in the background.

Lume vacation homepage

11. Fitbit

The dark background of this Fitbits homepage design lets the festive gold color scheme and products shine. The photography styling positions Fitbits as a gift that resembles jewelry in beautiful boxes, rather than an exercise device, so Fitbit products appeal to a wider variety of buyers, not just athletes.

fitbit vacation homepage

The primary CTA – Shop The Gift Guide – is designed to guide visitors through all of the products with descriptions indicating who they might be buying it for and making it easier for shoppers to imagine their family and friends as the product use.

Fitbit included a nice feature that visitors could use to let someone know that they would like to receive a Fitbit as a gift themselves.

fitbit gift guide

12th peloton

Copying doesn’t change Peloton much. Instead, membership information and its key CTAs are highlighted. Here, however, they have several videos in their full-page slider that are pretty festive. Happy peloton users train in front of decorated Christmas trees, in cozy living rooms or in front of snow-covered windows. The focus remains on the bike and its benefits, but the setting is one of the joy of vacationing.

Peloton vacation homepage

13. HP

Instead of the traditional holiday home page layout, where products are presented as potential gifts, this HP design has only minimally decorated the page with the featured “Reinvent Giving” video above the crease.

HP vacation homepage

The touching video shows a brother using HP technology to find the perfect gift for his hearing impaired brother – a guitar set that displays flashing lights while playing so his brother can see himself making music when he can’t Hear it.

HP – BROTHERS REINVENT GIVING from 151 Awards on Vimeo.

Emotions in advertisements are especially effective during the holiday season – everyone has a friend or family member that they want to find the perfect gift for. We can’t guarantee the HP homepage video won’t make you cry, but we can say that it is a unique and heartfelt twist on traditional holiday marketing.

14. Madewell

The image and headline of Madewell’s design largely correspond to the company’s typical branding: a model wearing a beautiful dress against a neutral background, accompanied by a holiday spin on his name in festive, ornate script.

This is appealing to both first-time visitors who are greeted with simple images and user experience, as well as returning users who expect such a design but still appreciate the added vacation features. The hashtag #giftwell encourages visitors to start a conversation about their shopping experiences on social media, which encourages a sense of brand loyalty.

Madewell Vacation Homepage

15. Pholk

Pholk also uses the word “Glow” on his homepage and combines this advantageous copy with a seasonal touch: “Tis’ the Season to Glow”. However, your focus is on treating yourself. This is a refreshing aspect when other websites are hoping to attract shoppers who will receive gifts for others.

What makes this holiday homepage particularly attractive is the typographic style paired with a soft, cool background image made of pine wood. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a picture of a bag of their products advertised on the opposite side of the text.

Pholk vacation homepage

16. Pillow cube

Pillow Cube is … pretty much what it sounds like: A cube-shaped pillow for side sleepers. On their homepage, they use pictures to ask an important question: what if Santa was a side sleeper?

The copy then calls on the website visitor to buy a pillow cube for the side sleeper in their life: “Support the side sleeper who will make your dreams come true.” Support is a sneaky way to talk about the great benefits of the product.

Plus the big headline “Merry Cubemas!” is just adorable.

Pillow cube vacation homepage

While planning your own marketing strategy and website design for the holidays, plan and prepare your website for above average traffic. The last thing you want is for your website to go down at a time when you are hoping to do good business.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published November 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and completeness.

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