The 6 best thank you page examples from 2021

… Not exactly the message you want your customers to get from your website thank you pages, right?

Thank you pages are effective ways to show your leads, prospects, and customers appreciation for taking the desired action – and even converting potential users or increasing sales with additional CTAs.

It explains six different uses of a thank you page, as well as six impressive examples of thank you pages, to inspire your own designs in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s dive in.

What is a thank you page?

Your customers and leads see yours Thank you page immediately after filling out a form or making a purchase on your website. It’s similar to a confirmation email – except that viewers don’t have to choose to open it.

Think of a thank you page as both the final step in your conversion process and the first step in building customer loyalty.

The thank you page is the best opportunity to turn a lead into a customer – or a customer into a trademark attorney. The best way to do this? Take the next steps on the buyer’s or user’s journey:

  • … Obvious and clear
  • … Immediately
  • And exciting or desirable.

What is the benefit of a thank you page?

Think of it this way: You may never have an easier and more natural opportunity to offer a customer something that will pleasantly surprise them and exactly what they want.

How do you know what your customer wants? They just told you exactly what they wanted by following a call to action on your website.

After someone follows the CTA on a landing page, take them to step two of their journey before clicking away. Show your customers that you are always ready to deliver value.

For example, when a customer makes a purchase on your website, use the thank you page as an opportunity to add value through additional resources or content. This creates trust and inspires customers.

Alternatively, you can use a thank you form to enable leads to take the next steps. If the lead has downloaded a social media calendar e-book, the thank you page may list alternative social media resources that you want to provide.

To see this in action, let’s take a look at the examples on the thank you page next.

Thank you page examples

1. Purpose: Filling out the contact form

Confirm to your customer that they successfully completed their intended action – and remind them of what you will (and won’t) do with their information. Build trust and let them know you are on their side.

Let consumers know that you are interested in delivering value … and don’t email them just to get it.

This is your best chance to convince consumers that your brand is different and it will take them a long time to come across any of your messages in their inbox.

Best contact form thank you page

Social axis tells a big, multi-layered story for new contact form registrations on her thank you page. Thanks to careful layout and clean design, they manage to advance their primary CTA while strengthening social validation and trustworthy partners.

Thank you page from Axis Social

2. Purpose: Downloadable

You likely have an e-book or other downloadable lead generation that is automatically emailed. However, it’s still best to offer a download link to the item you originally requested right on your thank you page.

This can keep your customer busy on your website and increase the chances of them opening up and being in touch with your materials right away.

Best thank you page for downloadable files

The Institute for Content Marketing contains both native download links and curated suggestions for additional content on-site in their thank you pages. (It’s almost like doing something like this for a living …)

Thank you page of the Content Marketing Institute

3. Purpose: Purchase confirmation pages

The post-sale confirmation page is a frequently missed opportunity to showcase similar, related, or complementary products.

To be more effective, you should tailor these recommendations with a targeting offer, e.g. B. a voucher, a rewards program, etc.

If customers can create an account on your website, but also have the option to check out as a guest, the confirmation page is also a great opportunity to request a free account creation.

Best buy thanks page

Few companies can come close to the level of customer data Amazon collects, stores and uses their businesses. This quality of information – and the company’s essentially unlimited supply of items and in-store offerings – makes the purchase confirmation page incredibly effective (and pretty hard to resist as a consumer).

Amazon thank you page

4. Purpose: appointments and reservations

If you’ve signed someone up for an appointment, the thank you page provides a ready-made way to expand or broaden the conversation with them. Encouraging viewers to follow or engage with your organization on social networks is a natural next step.

Best thank you page for an appointment or booking

Open table Incentives for users to download the app as soon as they have made an appointment so that they can track and change changes in the app themselves. On the thank you page you will also find helpful hints what you should know before you arrive at the restaurant.

opentables thank you page

5. Purpose: creating an account thank you pages

This is a great opportunity to seamlessly incorporate your lead into your onboarding or account setup process.

They want to make it so easy that they don’t even think about clicking away.

You know how hard you had to work to even get her to this point. Why not capitalize on it right away by postponing it a step or two on your journey to the retention life cycle?

Best account creation thank you page

Backlinko goes way beyond that and determines the next steps for their leads. They have given the messages on their side a priority, but also friendliness and accessibility.

Backlinko's thank you page

6. Purpose: Donate thank you pages

A donor does not “buy” a product in the way most other customers do, but they are undoubtedly looking for some element of affirmation, affirmation, appreciation, or at least confirmation that their contribution is making a positive impact and well spent.

For nonprofits, political campaigns, and other sites soliciting donors, use the thank you page to get an insight into the impact of each donation right from the start.

Additionally, it never hurts to be able to anticipate and answer questions about your effectiveness before they are even asked.

Best donor thank you page

Save the chimpanzees Nail the impact of storytelling on their donor’s thank you page and focus on the chimpanzees – the organization’s beneficiaries.

Save the chimpanzee's thank you page

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