Completely free Microsoft Excel templates that make marketing easier

Many of us can remember a time in high school when we sat in math class thinking, “When will I ever use this stuff in the real world?”

And then all of a sudden we find ourselves in the real world, only to realize that numbers actually play a crucial role in what we do – especially in digital marketing.

The problem is, a lot of marketers have a pipe dream, which means that Excel spreadsheets with numbers and formulas aren’t all that inviting. It can be especially intimidating to create them from scratch.

We won’t argue with this, but we will say that the benefits of using Excel’s functionality to organize information and streamline tasks are unprecedented. To help those of you looking for a way to improve your skills, we’ve compiled a detailed list of ways you can use Excel to make your marketing tasks easier. You will be able to make progress in no time using these suggestions and templates. Do you know what’s even better? You can download this full collection of Excel templates in one fell swoop.

Free Excel spreadsheet templates to make marketing easy

  1. Marketing budget template
  2. Social media posting schedule
  3. Marketing dashboard for Excel
  4. Blog editorial calendar
  5. Monthly Marketing Report Template
  6. eCommerce Planning Kit
  7. SMART Goal Matrix
  8. On-page SEO template
  9. Google Ads Campaign Tracker
  10. Social media content calendar
  11. Product launch plan
  12. Lead scoring & tracking template
  13. Leads and Traffic Goal Calculator
  14. Essential KPI tracker

1. Marketing budget template

Marketing budget template in Excel with monthly expenses

While marketing budgets vary from company to company, the need for structure and a clear sense of alignment between your goals and your spending is crucial across the board. To ensure that you are always prepared for unexpected costs, it is important that you not only carefully and properly allocate your budget, but also monitor how closely you are sticking to your planned expenses.

If you want to avoid a clutter at the end of the month or quarter, check out this collection of 8 marketing budget templates to better organize your marketing spend. From product marketing to website redesigns, content marketing to events, these templates serve as a guide for marketers to visualize and track their spend to avoid overspending.

The collection also includes a master marketing budget template that you can use to create a comprehensive monthly and quarterly visualization of your marketing budget.

2. Schedule for social media publication

Social media posting schedule in Excel with days and times of the week

You may already be using a social media planner to manage and publish your posts each week. However, you still need a place where you can make your social copy and decide which posts go to which social networks.

And since most social media planners allow you to upload social post copies in bulk from a spreadsheet, you will need to create an Excel template for this purpose. This is why we created the Excel template shown above.

This social media posting schedule will allow you to create any social post, the date and time of posting, the message you want to post, and any link you want to accompany your message (this link can be a blog – be a post or a registration page, an e-book landing page, as you call it).

Once you have all of your social posts for the week, month or quarter, you can sort them by social network and upload your excel file to the social media platform of your choice.

3. Marketing Dashboard for Excel

Marketing dashboard with performance metrics and colorful bar and line charts

There is no shortage of data to monitor in marketing. If you feel like you are too far in the weed or missing important details when it gets too detailed, a marketing dashboard can be helpful.

This particular tool allows you to enter metrics by campaign, which automatically populates visual and easy-to-read charts. This allows you to visualize the effectiveness of expenses and activities across multiple initiatives.

4. Blog editorial calendar

Blog editorial calendar in Excel for topic planning

Blogging plays an important role in your ability to attract visitors and leads to your website. However, managing a blog is one of those tasks that is easier said than done.

Whether you’re struggling with brainstorming, consistency, or just a lack of organization, an editorial calendar can often serve as the solution you need to realign your blogging efforts and generate even more traffic and leads from your content. By visualizing the blog posts that you want to publish in a particular week or month, you can more easily define overarching topics, pursue ideas, manage posts, and prioritize strategic distribution.

Use this editorial calendar template as a starting point to keep track of all of your company’s content. This will help you take better account of topic choices, buyer personalities, keyword inclusions, and CTA targeting.

5. Monthly Marketing Report Template

Monthly marketing metrics template in Excel that includes rows for direct traffic, email marketing, and other channels to calculate monthly growth

Can there be a sweeter feeling than completing all of your goals for the month? How about sharing your success with your boss? Using Excel spreadsheets, you can generate comprehensive reports on your marketing metrics that you can send to your boss – and you don’t have to work from scratch. (After all, you’ve worked so hard this month.)

Check out these Monthly Marketing Metric Templates (and its corresponding PowerPoint template) to make your reporting easier. You can quickly and easily update them every month to reflect your monthly visits, leads, customers and conversion rates. From there, you have everything you need to closely track and report which channels are doing best. Every boss loves to see the ROI so you can’t go wrong with these templates.

6. eCommerce Planning Kit

Ecommerce planning kit with tables, pie charts and line charts

Ecommerce stores come with lots of moving parts, so planning ahead can save you time and heartache later.

This kit includes a marketing plan that will walk you through market research, target market, channels and vendors, and more. Once your ecommerce store is online, you can use the conversion template to track the performance of vendors and platforms that list products for a holistic view of your efforts.

7. SMART Goal Matrix

Smart marketing goal template in Excel that includes time slots and numeric metrics

Whether you are planning a new year, a new quarter, or a new month, setting clear goals is critical to determining the direction of your marketing efforts and priorities.

Do you need help not only to set marketing goals but actually achieve them? Get started with these SMART goal planning templates. These templates are based on specificity, measurability, accessibility, relevance and timeliness. They’ll help you get your team going for success and provide you with a tool for identifying your greatest marketing needs.

8. On-page SEO template

On-page SEO template in Excel with URL, social media details and calls-to-action

When it comes to SEO, marketers have to remember a lot to see results. (In other words, there is a lot for marketers to forget.) As search engines evolve and algorithm changes turn your existing strategy upside down from time to time, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and push ahead with the overhaul of your SEO strategy. However, SEO should never be treated like an afterthought.

If you are looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, check out this handy SEO template made in Excel. With this template marketers can steer their strategy step by step or pass it on to their webmaster to serve as a helpful guide. It doesn’t focus on keywords and SEO best practices, but instead offers tips and tricks to identify nuances and increase productivity.

9. Google Ads Campaign Tracker

Google Ads Campaign Tracker in Excel, which includes ad types and formats

If you’re doing your Google Ads campaigns right, they’re probably not exactly walking in the park. That’s because you’ve set up multiple campaigns with multiple ad groups and variations of your campaigns to get the most bang for your buck – all with different content. Additionally, you (hopefully) also keep track of these campaigns to determine which campaigns to shut down, add more money, or optimize.

Sounds like a lot to watch out for, doesn’t it? But take a deep breath. Use this Google Ads tracking template to keep track of your Google Ads game. It will help you spot mistakes and implement best practices for all of the different campaigns and ad groups you run – the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. Not to mention, it’s a perfect complement to whatever SEO template you were using.

10. Social media content calendar

Social media content calendar in Excel with color coding for type and slots for each day

Since you are likely to get tons of clicks from your Google Ads campaigns and you are writing great content thanks to your editorial blogging calendar, you need help figuring out how to spread love on social networks. We have just the thing.

The social media calendar template is the perfect resource to scale and optimize your social media marketing. Using Excel to split up separate worksheets for each social network you use allows you to keep a repository of content ideas so that you never get writer’s block and always have something to post.

It’s also worth noting that Excel is very useful on Twitter as it can count your characters so you can write tweets that stay within the 140 character limit.

11. Product launch plan

Go-live plan with a tabular format that includes product, positioning, analysis, strategy, and more

A well-executed product launch can be a key differentiator to successful marketing and early launch. The right plan can give you clarity and purpose as you move forward and communicate the existence of the new product to your customers and prospects.

This launch plan can help organize your competitive analysis, positioning, and product strategy thoughts. It even goes so far as to help you brainstorm pain, evidence points, and important campaign messages.

12. Lead Scoring & Tracking Template

Sla template in Excel showing cumulative goal tracking over the course of a year

It’s no secret that sales and marketing are known to have a pretty rocky relationship history. Sales might think marketing is not generating enough leads, while marketing thinks sales reps are not benefiting from the leads they send. When it comes down to it, pointing a finger doesn’t grow a business.

To better align your sales and marketing teams, use this template to create a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In general, an SLA is a contract that defines sales expectations of marketing leads (both quantity and quality), as well as marketing expectations of sales behavior on qualified leads.

With this customizable SLA template in your toolbox, you’ll have the information you need to help relieve tension, set a specific monthly lead generation goal, track and measure the success of specific lead generation channels, and accurately track your current sales close rates to monitor.

13. Leads and Traffic Goal Calculator

Leads and Traffic Goal Calculator in Excel that shows the new earnings and percentage of earnings required to meet the goal

You need to set a leads goal but don’t know where to start. Once you figure that out, you need to determine how much traffic it will take to get there … but you’re also not sure how to go about it.

Sounds like you can calculate your leads and traffic goals by hand. Fortunately, there is an Excel template for this. Instead of trying to sort those numbers on your own, this template is supposed to do the math and give you a clear picture of what you need to do to get your traffic, meet goals, and keep your inbound marketing healthy. Strategy.

14. Essential KPI tracker

Important kpi tracker template in Excel that tracks measurement frequency and rates performance according to green, yellow and red

If you’re a fan of the monthly metrics template – item 10 on this list – you may want to download a copy of this template as well. The essential KPI tracker shown above takes the metrics agreed by your marketing team and describes them in more detail.

KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicator” – they are basically your most important metrics, each with a unique purpose and place in your marketing strategy. This template allows you to assign specific employees to each KPI, define the frequency with which you monitor the performance of each KPI, and assign a color to each KPI that reflects the quality of that KPI’s performance.

For example, if one of your KPIs is organic traffic, you could set up your template so that 100 pageviews per month is red (poor performance), 500 pageviews / month is yellow (stable performance), and 1000 pageviews / month is green (great performance).

Data is every marketer’s friend, and while spreadsheets seem to have existed forever, Microsoft Excel is so full of features that it is still an amazing resource for viewing, organizing, analyzing, and parsing data. With a little Excel magic, you can optimize your workflow and / or get to some a-ha moments from data insights.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2019 and has been updated for completeness.

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