Get to Know the BETAs: A Profile of Younger B2B Decision Makers

B2B decision-makers under 40, often technicians, tend to blur work-life lines, seek continuous self-development, and expect brands to address social issues. This is the result of recent research by the B2B institute of LinkedIn, Light Years and GWI.

The report is based on data from a survey of 17,000 knowledge workers ages 21 to 40 in 10 global markets.

The researchers identified four key traits among younger B2B decision-makers that they termed “BETAs”: fuzzy borders (B), development (E), tech native (T), and activist (A).

Below are highlights from the survey that address each trait. Read the full report to examine the research in depth.

Blurred borders

Work and personal life often overlap at BETAs: 81% say they often work late and 89% say they read e-mails / messages outside of work.

B2B decision-makers under 40 are much more likely to use business services like Zoom for both personal and professional reasons than decision-makers over 40.

To evolve

BETAs often attempt to improve themselves online, with a significantly higher proportion of B2B decision-makers under 40 reporting that they practice professional online learning compared to decision-makers over 40.

It is also more important for BETAs to be at the top. A larger proportion of younger decision-makers say they always like to stand out from the crowd, try out new products and regularly inform friends and family about new products / services.

Tech natives

BETAs are tech and mobile natives. 71% say they use their smartphone for work.

While email is the most common channel of communication, B2B decision-makers under 40 are much more likely than decision-makers over 40 to use collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


BETAs place a high value on diversity in the workplace (76% say they like to be surrounded by diversity) and sustainability (67% say they would pay more for sustainable / environmentally friendly products).

Approximately 48% of U.S. B2B decision makers under 40 expect brands / companies to review hiring policies to support the Black Lives Matter movement and 47% expect brands / companies to see diversity in their leadership / management teams to ensure.

About research: The report is based on data from a survey of 17,000 B2B knowledge workers aged 21 to 40 in 10 global markets.

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