Five practical tips for better data quality and marketing efficiency

A unified data strategy is incredibly important for midsize and large companies, especially for those looking to improve their marketing efficiency, data quality and customer journey. However, many organizations struggle to properly implement new technology and get optimal value from it.

The ability to use new marketing technologies successfully and efficiently naturally depends on the technology itself. In addition, it depends on the implementation and the time that is spent prior to commissioning. Both could negatively affect the ROI.

To provide information and actionable recommendations, GetResponse and Ascend2 recently conducted a survey of the state of the art implementation of marketing technologies in medium and large companies. We wanted to find out how these organizations are implementing marketing technology to improve performance, and based on that knowledge, provide helpful and actionable advice.

Here are the top five tips to help you evaluate your own performance, as well as the actions we recommend.

1. Companies use marketing technology to improve data quality

Marketers know that marketing automation can improve efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and automating much of the customer journey.

When using automation, improving the quality of the data is critical. Companies rely on data as a source of customer information and base their strategies on the insights gained from it. The higher the data quality, the more personalized the communication and the more positive the results.

Almost half (46%) of marketers in medium and large companies implement Martech with the aim of improving data quality.

Recommended procedure: Embrace data-driven marketing. Companies with a full view of their target audience data that is available in real time have a competitive advantage over other companies.

The data should give you the most complete picture of your customers possible. Data drives informed business decisions and can make all the difference in business results. Gaps in your data as well as unstructured or out of date data can inform you incorrectly.

If you want to improve data quality, you need to have a process in place to keep your data organized and up to date. The process should be based on a platform with tools that are constantly evolving to keep the data quality high.

2. Streamlining complicated processes and increasing marketing efficiency are priorities

Technologies that consolidate multiple tools on a single platform appeal to marketers: 91% said consolidation is important.

As a marketer, you need a platform that will support you with solution-based tools that will evolve with today’s market and the marketplace.

Recommended procedure: “All-in-one” solutions help improve data quality and provide a complete and reliable picture of your customers by consolidating and storing all data in one place so that it becomes a single source of truth and knowledge for your entire team become. You don’t have to integrate multiple systems to get actionable and reliable insights in real time. You can get everything on one platform.

You can also run complex marketing campaigns and respond to reliable data from multiple sources. For example, you can realign page visitors or webinar attendees based on information like engagement, interests, and number of purchases.

When you do everything from one platform, you can rest assured that accurate data is current and structured.

3. Determining the right technology and executing the strategy is a major challenge

Many companies struggle to find the right technology and then implement a strategy using that technology, the report also said.

One of the reasons for this is that when it comes time to move up on a new provider, you will have to temporarily give up your daily tasks (generating demand, launching campaigns, etc.) so that you can devote your team’s efforts to choosing the right provider and learn the new system.

Recommended procedure: Embrace a vendor with competing technical support from real people. Ask the vendors you are considering what kind of support they can offer you. For example, ask if migration support is available to relieve your team so that you and your team can focus on your marketing efforts instead of wasting valuable time and energy building your marketing platform.

With personal support, you can also rely on the support of an expert in the implementation of your strategy who knows the platform inside out: someone who knows your company and your goals – and who quickly finds practical solutions that suit your needs Company and your strategy are tailored.

4. Marketers say that marketing technology improves their success rate

Most marketers (55%) of medium and large companies report success implementing marketing automation technologies. Companies benefit from both quantitative and qualitative advantages, as the automation of campaigns frees up additional time for higher-value activities.

Recommended procedure: Use automation to personalize your messages and constantly improve your data through methods like A / B testing. Automation further improves data quality by providing your audiences with engaging resources to interact with, which in turn gives you more data.

You can even see what works best and how the audience is interacting with certain aspects of campaigns and certain messages. This data better informs you of your progress and future projects – while also giving your team more time to be creative and use their talents more effectively, rather than wasting them on tedious work that can be automated.

5. Easily and efficiently implementing new tools is critical for 91% of marketers

Without a clear marketing strategy on how to get the most out of all of the tools and features available, the onboarding process can be overwhelming and downtime can affect business results.

Recommended procedure: Imagine logging into your new marketing platform with a plethora of tools to choose from and no guidance on where to start. You can alleviate this fear and waste of time with an expert by your side who can maximize the new tools available to you. Personalized support directs you in the right direction from the start. To get great results from implementing a complex marketing automation technology, you need a clear strategy.

Your marketing campaigns should be coherent, and success largely depends on all of the tools working together. Opt for a platform that offers you personal support from people who know the nuances and intricacies of the system so that all tools and campaigns work synergistically.

* * *

Marketing technology will continue to be a top priority for marketers in 2021 as it delivers business results and world-class campaigns continue to be a source of great competitive advantage.

Technology helps you gain insight into your audience and empowers you to act on them and tailor communications to suit your audience’s interests and behaviors. Companies that successfully implement their marketing technology and get the most out of multiple solutions available stay ahead of the competition.

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