15 strategies to get YouTube subscribers

In the SaaS industry, the most successful companies prioritize retaining their existing customers over attracting new customers. Why? Since SaaS companies charge a monthly subscription, their customers have to pay them for many months in a row to make a profit. If they can’t keep their customers for X months, they’ll end up losing money when they buy them.

The same principle applies in content marketing. Keeping your audience’s attention is much more beneficial to your brand than just grabbing attention.

When an audience engages in your content consistently over a long period of time, it can easily turn into a loyal tribe, passionate about your work and recommending your brand to all of their friends. In other words, the best strategy to focus on getting new attention is because your current customers are doing so much word of mouth marketing – it’s like a flywheel.

On YouTube, you keep the attention by attracting subscribers to your channel. Subscribers are your most loyal fans and have been publicly committed to your brand, content, and values. You are also most likely passionate about brand evangelists.

In terms of the usefulness of your YouTube channel, subscribers are vital as YouTube sends them notifications of your new videos and posts your videos on their homepage. This means your videos will show up more often, which can help you generate more engagement.

Subscribers also watch twice as many videos as non-subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more time your videos will accumulate and the more likely YouTube will rank them higher when searching and publish them in the appropriate section.

In addition, YouTube tracks the number of viewers who subscribe to your channel right after watching one of your videos. If one of your videos generates a lot of new subscribers, it will be rewarded with higher rankings and more features in the appropriate section.

In order to grow your YouTube subscription, we have devised these strategies that will help you draw attention to the video platform, not just purchase it.

How to get YouTube subscribers

  1. Create amazing content.
  2. Use playlists to increase engagement.
  3. Add a subscription CTA at the end of your videos.
  4. Optimize your videos.
  5. Create beautiful thumbnails.
  6. Interact with your audience.
  7. Promote your videos in your other content.
  8. Publish videos consistently.
  9. Be creative.
  10. Partner with other channels.
  11. Make an engaging canal trailer.
  12. Run YouTube advertising campaigns.
  13. Produce content for subscribers only.
  14. Pick a niche.
  15. Know your audience.

1. Create amazing content.

Today we work in an industry where many people prioritize playing the system over creating the best possible content. Fortunately, when it came to their algorithm, YouTube understood this hollow tactic. Their algorithm rewards engagement rather than just using vanity metrics like views and clicks, giving developers an incentive to produce videos that their audience actually enjoys.

To create the most engaging videos for your YouTube channel, measure the performance of your videos against engagement metrics like watch time, average watch percentage, average view time, audience engagement, and average session time. Then analyze this data to find out which topics and videos are generating the most engagement. Once you’ve pinpointed these videos, you can focus solely on creating the content that viewers are most likely to be engaging with, and thereby getting more subscribers.

2. Use playlists to increase engagement.

Putting your videos into playlists is an extremely effective way of organizing your videos in a digestible way. They help your viewers easily consume videos on their favorite topics and encourage them to keep watching your content.

One way to get your viewers to watch most of your playlists is to start your playlists with the videos with the highest engagement rate and end them with the videos with the lowest engagement rate.

It’s even better if you’re creating a binge-enabled series or showing entire seasons of it and adding it to a playlist. And just like your favorite Netflix show, your playlists can entice your viewers to watch entire seasons of your series, subscribe to your channel, and look forward to the next season of your show.

3. Add a subscription CTA at the end of your videos.

It seems obvious, but adding a subscription CTA to the end of your videos is one of the best ways to generate more YouTube subscribers. After your viewers have watched all of your video, they will determine if they want to continue watching more of your videos. To maximize subscriber growth using CTAs, you should keep them at the end.

If you want more subscribers just ask. At the end of your video, ask your viewers to subscribe to a CTA when adding a CTA. This is a reminder for them that you have more exciting content to watch.

4. Optimize your videos.

To get subscribers to your YouTube channel, you first need to be able to be found on YouTube. To start ranking, optimize your videos and your channel for popular searches by including relevant keywords in the titles, tags, descriptions, SRT (transcription) files, video files, and thumbnail files of your videos.

You should also look at the most popular queries that are directing viewers to your videos. You can find these in the YouTube search report. If these queries are slightly different from the subject of your video, consider updating your video to fill these gaps in content and adding these keywords to your metadata. If there’s a huge difference between your subjects and the queries that are taking viewers to your videos, then consider creating brand new videos based on these popular queries.

5. Create beautiful thumbnails.

Another factor that can affect your search ranking on YouTube, and therefore your subscriber growth, is the thumbnails of your videos. Since a video’s click-through rate is one of the most important ranking factors in the YouTube search algorithm, especially during the first hour on the platform, an eye-catching thumbnail can make a big difference in the number one ranking for a query rather than all.

However, if your video has normal or sub-par thumbnail, it won’t entice anyone to click through. YouTube is encouraged to consider the video irrelevant and not to rank it in search results or to distribute it through the “Recommended Videos”. Lining.

To create an eye-catching thumbnail, consider adding a talking head. Humans are naturally drawn to human faces as it is a deeply ingrained survival mechanism that allows us to quickly assess a person’s emotions and determine whether they are a friend or an enemy. Also, remember to contrast the colors of the foreground and background of your thumbnail so it really pops up.

6. Interact with your audience.

One of the most important proven ways to retain and attract new YouTube subscribers is to engage with your audience. You should reply to any comment if you can, even if you just like it. When a viewer watches your videos and scrolls to see your content, they’ll be happy that you engaged with your audience and created a community. In fact, they could be tricked into joining your community and getting them to subscribe.

Interacting with your audience also generates word of mouth and engagement. The more your audience engages with you, the higher your rank and the more people will find your content.

7. Promote your videos in your other content.

Whether you have a blog or other social media platform, it is important to promote your YouTube videos in your other content. When you post a video, you should also promote it on social media for your audience to see.

Also, if you have a blog, you can embed your YouTube videos as complementary content. This will allow you to improve your views and access the audience that you have already created. If someone follows you on Instagram or reads your blog, they are probably interested in what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to cross-promote other channels to get more subscribers.

8. Share videos consistently.

An important factor in gaining YouTube subscribers that is not discussed that often in the influencer industry is trust. When you create content, your audience needs to trust you. You need to trust that you are consistently posting quality content. Why else should you register?

To build that trust, it’s important that your audience can rely on you. You should publish your videos consistently. This does not mean that you have to evaluate quantity over quality. Whatever your release schedule does not matter, it conforms to it. Whether you post once a week or twice a month.

9. Be creative.

As mentioned above, when creating YouTube videos, it is important to optimize your content and take into account what your target audience is looking for. However, this doesn’t mean that all of your videos need to be keyword tied.

Sometimes it’s okay to get lost and just produce creative content that isn’t necessarily backed by keywords. This content can be trendy or rely on thought leaders. Don’t be afraid to use content that deviates from the organic search strategy. This will help generate buzz and hopefully convert viewers into subscribers.

10. Partner with other channels.

As the influencer industry began, brands realized they could use other people’s audiences to market or promote their products. The same principles apply to YouTube. When you work with other YouTube creators, you can use each other’s audience to promote your channel.

When you do this, make sure you choose channels that suit the interests, wants, and needs of your audience. For example, it may not make sense to split a B2B company with a B2C company. Your audience should be so similar that someone who subscribes to their channel may also be interested in your channel.

11. Make an appealing canal trailer.

After watching a great or interesting YouTube video, a viewer can click your profile to see what your channel is about. It is in that short period of time that you need to complete the sale. One of the first things viewers see when they click on a channel is the trailer video. That’s why it’s important to create an engaging, entertaining channel trailer.

You can use this trailer to get a viewer to switch from being a casual viewer to being a subscriber. In your trailer video, make sure to include your elevator clearance. Why would someone subscribe to your channel? What kind of content will they see?

12. Run YouTube advertising campaigns.

An oldie, but a goodie. Run paid advertising campaigns to promote your YouTube channel. You can run banner or display ads that promote your channel across platforms. This will help you learn more about your channel, get more views, rank higher, and hopefully get a few subscribers as well.

13. Only produce subscriber content.

You know how marketers create lead magnets to entice readers or viewers into downloading content? To get more YouTube subscribers, apply the same principle here. You can create specific lead magnets to encourage users to subscribe.

For example, every subscriber might get a free e-book. Or maybe it’s a template. Whatever it is, think about what will be helpful for your audience and possibly get them to sign up to get it.

14. Choose a niche.

As with any content you produce, your YouTube videos should be highly targeted towards your audience. Pick a niche and a topic and stick with it. While you might have a broad topic, you can create smaller subtopics and make multiple videos for those topics. Think of it like the columnar / cluster model for blog writing. While your blog will focus on a niche like marketing, there are several columnar topics that you cover and cluster topics.

With this model, you can consistently create valuable content. It’s easier to come up with targeted, personalized video ideas for your audience when you know what they want to see.

15. Know your audience.

This is also a classic marketing tip. Every channel you create content on needs to know your audience. On YouTube, consider whether your audience will want to watch long videos or short videos. This can vary depending on the industry. So, do some research to determine what type of YouTube videos and what format your audience is looking for.

This is how you see your subscribers on YouTube

To see your YouTube subscribers, all you have to do is log into your account, click on your profile photo in the top right corner and click on “Your Channel”. From there you should be able to see how many subscribers you have under your channel name.

It is important to keep this number following up anytime you are trying to grow your YouTube channel. Now, let’s get to the discussion about buying YouTube subscribers and why you should never do so.

Buy YouTube subscribers

First and foremost, let’s start with the fact that you should never buy YouTube subscribers. To begin with, it’s against YouTube’s Terms of Service, so if you’re caught, your account will likely be suspended or terminated.

Second, buying from YouTube subscribers will ultimately hurt your channel regardless of whether you get caught or not. Purchased subscribers won’t bother with your content, and after maybe a video, they won’t watch it either. Having a million subscribers doesn’t matter when only 50 people are actually watching the videos and engaging with your content. These types of numbers are important red flags for both YouTube and your average viewer.

Similar to the best SaaS companies, the top YouTube channels focus on building a subscriber base who can’t get enough of their videos and watching them on a consistent basis. For content marketing to be successful, it has always been important to keep your attention. Now is the time that we prefer to acquire as many eyeballs as possible.

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