Why you should use early bird registration for your next event

Thanksgiving a few years ago, all of my family except me flew to my sister’s house. I couldn’t afford the plane ticket and stayed home. When I looked at her pictures on Facebook, I was upset that I missed the trip.

This concept is called the fear of missing out (FOMO). While FOMO is annoying when I missed my family trip, it is a great marketing tool to use when planning an event.

Usually people only start registering for events at the last minute. As a marketer, you’re probably wondering, “How can I get them to sign up sooner?”

A great way to sell more tickets, faster, is to use FOMO to encourage your audience to buy tickets through early bird registration.

Today let’s learn how early bird registration can help you sell more tickets to your events.

What is an early bird registration?

Early bird registration is the marketing tool you use to offer exclusive discounts or packages to people who buy early tickets for your event. By rewarding attendees who buy tickets before a deadline, you can motivate them to buy tickets sooner.

The idea behind early bird registration is that people don’t want to miss a deal. Plus, this tactic picks up on your audience’s sense of urgency. So if you’ve got people on the fence knowing whether or not they want to go to your event, early bird registration may be all you need to get them moving in the right direction.

However, for an early bird discount to work, it must be of great value. The package shouldn’t just be a little cheaper. In addition to the discount, early bookers may have access to more content or the discount may be very high. In any case, it has to be worth it, otherwise people won’t feel like they’re missing out if they don’t take part.

Ultimately, this means you can sell more tickets and attract more people to your events.

Additionally, using early bird registration can help you forecast interest in your event and marketing materials. If you’re having trouble getting people to buy early bird tickets, you may need to change your marketing tactics before the event. It’s like testing your advertising plan.

If all goes well, you’ll also get attendees excited about your event and give them time to talk about it on social networks to help you spread it.

To get people excited about early bird tickets, you can promote your keynote speakers and market the value of the event. What do people get when they attend your event?

Now that we know more about what early registration is and why you should use this tactic, let’s dive into the logistics of early bird registration.

How long should the early bird registration take?

For early bird registrations, you can set a specific time period or limit the number of buyers. For example, you can get the early bird discount in the first week of sales or only offer a discount to the first fifty registrants.

Additionally, you can consider offering early bird discounts only to members or subscribers. This is a huge benefit and encourages people to sign up for your service. Or you can reward repeat participants. If you hold an event every year, repeat customers may have access to early bird discounts before anyone else.

When considering how long to take early bird registration and what to include in the package, it is important to consider how many tickets you can sell at a discounted price without affecting your profits. So before you decide on the time frame or the number of tickets you should think about your planned participation.

When your early bird registration ends, it’s time to capitalize on the momentum you’ve built. Use the marketing materials that were successful for a big boost before the event.

Early bird registration is a great way to accelerate and improve your sales for your next event. If you seize the urgency, rely on scarcity, feel early bookers like VIPs, and are afraid of missing out, you create excitement and excitement around your event.

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