The 8 Best Free Flowchart Templates [+ Examples]

A great company takes many things to be successful – strong leadership, competitive advantage, and a unique vision among them. However, one element that a business could make or break is its process (or lack thereof).

A clear, repeatable process has two major hurdles to a successful implementation in a company. Number one is developing this process, and number two is supported by the stakeholders for this process. The best way to overcome these two potential obstacles is to outline a process transparently and logically.

Many companies use flowcharts to accomplish this task as flowcharts:

  • Visually sketch a process roadmap for a full understanding and …
  • Can be easily digested by employees who need to know and follow the process.

To help you create actionable flowcharts for your business, we’ve listed the following eight best flowchart templates So that you can download it and use it today to build a better process in every area of ​​your business.

Let’s dive in.

What is a flowchart?

A flowchart is a visual map used to explain a process for making decisions, achieving results, or projecting a result. Flowcharts begin at a starting point in the graph. As users work through them, they choose one of several outcomes or options until the end of the process is reached.

In business life, flowcharts can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Team alignment and process.
  • E-mail maintenance.
  • Customer journey mapping.
  • Onboarding customers or employees.
  • A / B tests.
  • QA work.
  • Career advancement.
  • Customer service.

Here are eight business flowchart templates and examples. Each template includes a download link that allows you to use that template directly in Google Slides.

8 Business Flowchart Examples

1. Basic flowchart template

basic flowchart template

Download this template

The basic flowchart template is ideal for those who are just starting out with flowcharts. The template allows designers to provide a starting point, two possible outcomes, and the resulting consequences of those decisions. Due to its limitations, this flowchart template may be best for basic processes such as a simple A / B test.

Example of an A / B test flow diagram

2. Swim Lane Flowchart Template

Swimming lane flowchart template

Download this template

The swim lane flowchart template is used to break down the steps of a process into different sectors. For your company, these different sectors can be time periods, teams, employees, or work requirements. In the following example, the swimming lanes are divided into departments to illustrate the process of the customer journey.

Example of a customer onboarding flowchart

3. Task flowchart template

Task flowchart template

Download this template

A task flowchart template differs in what each shape in the flowchart represents. This format is useful when the work of multiple teams is intertwined throughout the process, as individuals can easily identify the tasks for which they are responsible. These responsibilities are noted in a key in the flowchart for quick reference.

The shapes can also represent different types of actions. In the following example, the different shapes represent the beginning, the end, and the actions that were taken while a landing page was displayed.

Example landing page flowchart

4. Complex flowchart template

complex flowchart template

Download this template

For a flowchart that doesn’t need grid lines or other shapes, this template is the best solution. It offers the option for multiple endpoints depending on what steps are taken through the process.

An example of this flowchart template is the hiring process as it has multiple outcome options.

Example of a settings flowchart

5. Circular flowchart template

circular flowchart template

Download this template

The circular flowchart template changes things with a different shape, but also provides a different path structure. For example, in the illustration below, the template can be used as a decision-making framework. Here it is used by a social media manager to determine which website content should be published on.

Example of a social media flowchart

6. Linear flowchart template

linear flowchart template

Download this template

A linear flowchart template is the solution when there really is only one optimal outcome, and each step of the process either leads someone to that outcome or results in the process simply ending. An example – highlighted below – could be for a maintenance stream. The process ends in the picture, regardless of whether someone registers for an event or not.

Example of an email maintenance flowchart

7. Tree flowchart template

Tree flowchart template

Download this template

A tree-style flowchart template is most useful in situations where there are multiple options, and where each option has a clear and unambiguous next step. For businesses, this flowchart is perfect for the support department. This template can be used to map responses from automated chat support or (as described below) a phone tree.

Example of a telephone tree flowchart

8. Organizational flowchart template

Organizational flowchart template

Download this template

One final flowchart that businesses might want to use is an organizational flowchart (or chart) template. This template is used by the heads of a company and / or department to outline the chain of command in a business unit. While this visualization is not exactly procedural, it helps company employees to quickly understand who is reporting to whom and who is responsible for what.

Example of an organizational flowchart

Business flowchart templates

Business flowchart templates are the fastest, easiest way to create flowcharts. All of the above templates can be downloaded here and are fully customizable in shape, format, color, and artwork.

Download the templates for free to better illustrate and communicate processes in your company.

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