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When Instagram Reels first launched, a lot of users treated it like TikTok 2.0. They posted their videos to TikTok first and then uploaded the same content to Reels again. Now Instagram says, “Hey, stop that.”

On the account of its developers, the company announced that it would be on the lookout for recycled content and would no longer recommend it to users on the “Roles” tab.

I mean you are right. Some videos lose quality when they are re-uploaded and blur, which can deter viewers. With this new approach, brands can deliver fresh content that generates more engagement, and Instagram can improve role adoption rates.

Now that you have been tasked with creating Instagram roles, let the following examples inspire you.

1. Popular uprising

What better way to create your first roles than introducing your followers to your team? In this video, People’s Revolt does three things right. First, they use a viral sound in their video that can help them reach more users.

This sound also includes a call to the business owners and encourages them to get involved in the mail. Given that the company offers digital marketing and PR services, this is an excellent way to connect with the target audience.

They also keep the video simple. No fancy props or designs – just the sound, the team and the copy. It really is all you need for good Reels video.

2. Sassy Woof

If you’d like to introduce followers to your team in a different way, check out a page from the ’90s TV show playbook, e.g. B. “Full House” and “Family Matters”. That’s what this brand did.

Sassy Woof introduced the Full House theme song to his staff (which included a furry boss) in the background – it’s the pawfect approach (don’t look at me, they started the puns first).

3. Anima iris

For your next Reels video, consider pulling the curtain back and showing your followers behind the scenes content. In this example, luxury wallet brand Anima Iris gives followers a glimpse into the product photos for an upcoming campaign.

Consumers want brands to be more authentic, and content like this can humanize your brand and help build a stronger connection with your audience.

It is also an effective start-up strategy as it creates anticipation and excitement in your followers.

4. Glamnetic

Who Said You Need Fancy Lighting and Equipment For Product Marketing?

In this video, Glamnetic uses a simple setup to market its makeup correction pen, the brand’s latest launch.

One benefit of using Instagram Reels is the ability to embed music. As long as it’s available in the Instagram library – which is what most songs are – you can use any song you want in your video. It is not an official advertisement so you are not restricted by copyright laws.

5. Jumz.Accessories

Yes, this is an example of the recycled content that Instagram is now making less discoverable. You can see the TikTok watermark clearly, but other than that, this is a great example of the type of content brands should include.

It’s product marketing, but it’s a little more subtle. In this video with the title “How to style our mini handbags”, a model designs the handbags with different outfits and shows the versatility of the product.

It’s unclear whether the video is produced by a Jumz team member or an influencer, but we know it ticks all the boxes for a good Reels video.

6. Apple

If your team doesn’t have the resources or the time to brainstorm Reels content, consider outsourcing.

In this case, Apple hired creative studio Incite Design to create an instruction video for the iPhone 12. The end result is a brief introduction to two Apple products that highlight the slo-mo effect of the phone, a key product feature.

7. MissionRecruit

When in doubt, share some tips and tricks with your audience. They add value to your audience and provide another opportunity to gain credibility.

MissionRecruit put this into practice well with this video that offers women three ways to get dressed for their next interview. As a recruiting company, this type of content is a perfect fit for the brand.

The best part? The Reels video also serves as User Generated Content (UGC) as it contains images from influencers.

8. Netflix

When it comes to social media, Netflix doesn’t take itself too seriously.

They managed to figure out what viewers want and how they want it. Your role content is no different.

This hilarious sketch is designed to show the point of view (POV) of a plant looking at someone crying over a show on Netflix. It’s that simple, but if the comments below the post are any indication, Netflix hit the nail right on the head.

Just as sounds go viral on short-form video platforms, so do special effects like this one. If the opportunity arises, take part.

9. Skill share

The time limit for a Reels video is 30 seconds. It’s also just the right length for a teaser video to spark anticipation for a new start.

To promote a new course, Skillshare posted an excerpt from the course in which Kelis, recording artist and chef who brings all the boys to the yard, offers a tip on mixing flavors.

It’s a cooking show so they could have just made a montage of what the course will cover. Instead, they took an interesting tidbit from the course and used it to attract viewers.

Another important detail to note here is the use of labels. Accessibility should always be a priority when creating content. In addition to being important for the deaf or hard of hearing, non-English speakers can also benefit from subtitled videos. And let’s not forget those who regularly watch muted videos or watch their roles in a noisy environment.

Captions expand the reach of your video so there’s no reason not to use it.

10. Adobe

Creativity is a central tenet of Adobe’s brand identity. This is how their roles and most of their social media content celebrate their users’ creativity.

This is another great example of user generated content. For it to work, the UGC needs to fit your brand and audience.

In this video, the artist takes a trip back in time and shows how Adobe Photoshop has evolved over the years. You could watch this video and think, “What’s the point?”

Well, not all of the content you create is meant to result in a direct sale. Sometimes selling isn’t the goal. Sometimes the goal is to increase brand awareness, build a community, or create stronger messaging. In this case, Adobe is already a household name, so these posts can inspire and celebrate rather than promote.

11. HubSpot

I love a numbered list. I know exactly what I’m getting and there is no surprise.

And from a marketer’s standpoint, this type of content is easy to reuse. Suppose you had a list of this information. Now you can use the same information to create a 30-second reels video.

You can also use this format to drive traffic to your blog post by introducing some items from the list and inviting your followers to read the full list on your website.

There are so many ways to play with Instagram reels. Try out some sounds and effects and see what appeals to your audience. Once you’re in a groove, you’ll see how easy it is to create short and effective video content.

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