Chart of the Week: What Buyers Expect From Your Website

We all know that our website is an integral part of our marketing

Lead generation strategy


But when potential customers visit your website, what are they looking for? What do you want to see and what do you think is most important? To find out, RainToday


More than 200 B2B service buyers – in businesses of all sizes – rate the importance of various elements of a service provider’s website.

The top 4 elements should come as no surprise:

  • Service descriptions (87%)

  • Description of the industries served (78%)

  • Success stories / case studies (73%)

  • Professional website design and presentation (69%)

These elements form the core of most businesses’ websites. If something is wrong here, it raises important questions for buyers right from the start. Using these elements is just the price of participating in the game.

However, if you want to attract customers, don’t overlook the remaining six elements. Even podcasts and audio content at the bottom of the list were rated as “extremely” or “very important” by 40% of decision-makers when they decided to first contact a service provider.

Regardless of what marketing you’re into, the first stop for most buyers is a visit to your website. It can either

Draw them further in with online resources and content

, Podcasts, videos, and news, or it can say the same thing as your competitor’s websites that offer a laundry list of services and good looks, but neither aid nor detract from your chances of building or improving a relationship.

Web Elements Working Together – An Example

Suppose you are hosting a webinar. You can email an invitation (one of the best ways to attend webinars) and instruct buyers to register for the event on your website. During the registration process, you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter so that you can add them to ongoing marketing communications. You can guide them on the confirmation page

Blog posts

, Case studies or podcasts on related topics of the event to further connect them to your brand and thought-provoking content.

Draw people to you

You can go one step further and share information about the webinar and related content items

through social media

like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. This is a great way to reach your followers and fans, some of whom may not be on your email list

Improvement of your web presence

. As more and more people use the web to find services, you want to make sure you have compelling content that can be found on search engines and that will draw people to you.

Buyers may not state that elements like blog posts, podcasts, and videos are the most important features of a website. However, using content can help your product or service stand out in a crowded area of ​​the market.

What kind of content do you have available on your website?

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