What is LinkedIn Live? [+How to Leverage It in Your Marketing Strategy]

Every week I use LinkedIn to share current events and connect with other content creators.

And I’m not the only one. In fact, LinkedIn has nearly 700 million active users and has become one of the top social media platforms.

In the past year, companies have started to take advantage of the new live streaming technology of the social network.

While Facebook and Instagram introduced live streaming capabilities in 2016, LinkedIn only recently decided to join the live streaming platforms.

In February 2019, LinkedIn Live was launched for individual users. In 2020 it was announced that LinkedIn Live will also be available for company pages.

With this announcement, LinkedIn decided “to bring you closer integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live by transforming these two products into a new virtual event solution that lets you stay connected with your communities and meet your customers anywhere.” . “

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular with audiences. In fact, internet users saw 1.1 billion hours of live video in 2019.

According to Go-Globe, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic.

Plus, LinkedIn’s live streams have increased 158% since February 2020.

While LinkedIn Live is not currently available to all businesses, it may be time to think about live streaming.

To get started with LinkedIn Live, you can fill out an application online to become a live broadcaster.

In this post, let’s explore how you can use LinkedIn Live in your marketing strategy to attract new audiences.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is the live streaming feature that allows you to stream live video to your audience to drive engagement and build deeper connections.

In fact, LinkedIn live videos get an average of seven times more responses and 24 times more comments than native videos produced by the same broadcasters.

Known as a professional social media network, LinkedIn is a great place to stream live video because you can really get to know your audience and connect with them in ways that companies haven’t been able to before.

Now that you know what LinkedIn Live is and why you should be using it, let’s dive into the logistics.

How to go live on LinkedIn

  1. Apply for LinkedIn Live.
  2. Sign up for a third-party streaming tool.
  3. Connect LinkedIn with a third party tool.
  4. Write a title and description for the stream.
  5. Go live with your third-party tool.

1. Apply for LinkedIn Live.

To get started with LinkedIn Live, you need to apply for the feature to be added to your profile.

The application asks you where you want to stream live (from a personal profile or a business page) and the link to the page you want to stream from.

If you want to stream from a company site, you will also need to provide the site administrators’ profile URLs. Only up to three site admins can stream from your company site.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll have to wait for approval. Keep checking this as you don’t want to miss the notification that you’ve got access to LinkedIn Live.

2. Sign up for a third-party streaming tool.

Before you can go live on LinkedIn, you’ll need to sign up for a third-party streaming tool, as LinkedIn doesn’t currently offer native streaming.

You can use tools like StreamYard or Socialive. These tools are also useful for going live on a desktop computer. You can make it easier to see comments and actually interact with your audience while streaming.

3. Connect LinkedIn to a third party tool.

Now that you’ve signed up for your streaming tool and received approval for LinkedIn Live, it’s time to connect the two platforms.

To do this, log into your third-party tool and navigate to the area where you can add streaming destinations (this will change depending on the tool you are using).

Once you’ve found the right place to add a streaming destination, you should be able to click on the LinkedIn profile and connect from there.

4. Write a title and description for the stream.

After the tools are connected, you’re ready to go live. Just click the go live button or start streaming. Before the platform actually starts streaming live, you’ll see an area where you can write a title and description for the stream.

Make sure you describe exactly what is going on in the video and what users can expect. This will help keep your audience interested in the live stream.

5. Go live with your third-party tool.

Now all you have to do is go live. Before doing this, make sure your camera and microphone are set up. You should also check the camera position, lighting, camera quality, audio, and background. It is important that your setup looks professional, especially given that LinkedIn is the professional social network.

So we know what LinkedIn Live is and how to get started, but you may be wondering, “How can I use this tool?” Let’s dive in below.

Uses LinkedIn Live

  1. Virtual events
  2. recruitment
  3. Thought guidance
  4. Present expertise
  5. Announce a new product or partnership

1. Virtual events

With the recent integration of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events, the social media platform is a great place to host your virtual events.

With LinkedIn virtual events, you can meet your audience where they are and host your event in a trusted environment.

By hosting a virtual event on LinkedIn Live, you can also attract the right specialist audience.

You can share your events with your Company Page followers and send event invitations to your first-degree profile connections.

Instead of recording videos during your virtual conference and posting them to LinkedIn later, LinkedIn Live lets you connect with your audience in real time.

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Live sees 23 times more comments per host and six times more reactions per post than native videos.

With LinkedIn Live, you can connect with your followers in real time during your virtual events.

2. Recruitment

LinkedIn is one of the most important hubs for recruiters and job seekers. In fact, one of the primary benefits of having a LinkedIn profile for individuals and brands is recruiting.

With LinkedIn Live, you can support your recruiting efforts by demonstrating your workplace culture, introducing team members, and answering questions from your target audience.

Additionally, you can host a live panel with employees explaining what it’s like to work for your company. Team members can discuss what their hiring journey was like and give tips to people who might one day want to work for your company.

You can also hold Q&A with different people on your team to highlight their specific roles. For example, they can be introduced to their role and then ask questions about their daily tasks and duties.

If you want to use LinkedIn Live to aid your recruiting efforts, think about other social media tactics you have implemented, then plan how these can be converted into a live stream.

3. Thought guidance

One of the key LinkedIn strategies for most companies is to position themselves as an industry leader through the social media platform.

To do this with LinkedIn, you can discuss current events in your industry and improve your content creation strategy.

LinkedIn Live allows you to host a panel for industry leaders, including those in your company, to share industry trends and issues.

You can also host a live stream interviewing professionals and industry experts.

Empowering thought leaders and participating in industry discussions is a great way to use LinkedIn Live to attract new audiences.

4. Present expertise

Not being redundant but becoming an authority in your industry is an important part of your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Live is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise.

Live streaming technology allows you to share your tips and tricks with your audience. To do this, brainstorm topics that your audience is interested in.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, consider repurposing old content like blog posts or YouTube videos.

Producing live streaming content can improve your content marketing strategy.

5. Announce a new product or partnership

As a professional social media platform, LinkedIn is a great place to announce a new product or partnership.

In fact, you might consider doing this on LinkedIn Live. You can call in representatives from your company and your partner company to discuss what the new partnership entails.

This is also a great opportunity to educate and interact with your audience.

If you launch a product during a live stream, you can get instant feedback from your audience, answer questions, and do a live demonstration.

The LinkedIn Live announcement shows that live streaming will continue to be an important tactic in your marketing strategy. In fact, this feature shows that consumers are interested in engaging with brands in real time.

If you’ve used Facebook and Instagram Live before, LinkedIn Live might be another platform to experiment with – especially if your audience is more on LinkedIn than other platforms.

For more information on how real brands are using LinkedIn Live, see the LinkedIn Live Examples in this blog post.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2020 and has been updated for completeness.

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