21 ways to get more followers on Facebook

On social media, your number of followers gives you an idea of ​​your brand awareness and reach.

Because of this, getting followers is often an important goal for brands, especially as they scale.

How do you get followers? We know buying doesn’t work as it rarely leads to engagement. The good news is that there are at least 20 ways you can get them organically.

Let’s cover them below.

1. Develop your Facebook marketing strategy.

A social media strategy for your Facebook business page is the first step in getting followers for your brand. A robust strategy will give your team direction and a playbook from which to develop new ideas. It will also help you gauge your performance with the right lens.

When developing your playbook, the following questions should be considered:

  • What does success look like?
  • What does our audience want to see?
  • How should we involve our audience?
  • What tactics are our competitors using on Facebook?

Once you are clear about your approach, it will be easier to study the growth methods outlined below.

2. Post often.

Your posting plan is undoubtedly linked to your followers. Why? The more you post, the more visible you are to your target audience and the more likely you are to reach new users.

Here are two tools you can use to streamline your publishing process:

  • A content calendar – Allows you to plan what content will be published on your social media platforms and when it will be published. It’s especially helpful to have a content calendar to align your social media content with upcoming events like product or service launches.
  • A social media publishing tool – Manually posting to your Facebook Page can be time consuming and take you away from more important tasks. A publishing tool allows you to schedule your posts to go online at a specific time and date. So you can be sure that your page is always active.

3. Host freebies.

Freebies can be an effective and inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and attract new Facebook users to your Facebook Page.

To maximize the impact of your giveaway, establish rules that encourage audience participation. For example, your giveaway may require each user to tag a friend in the giveaway post and create their own post in order to qualify for the win.

Example of a Facebook competition

Image source

The more engagement you can get from your followers, the greater the chance your giveaway will reach new users.

4. Vary your posts.

One of the reasons your followers may have increased is because your content isn’t connecting to consumers.

Experiment with different types of posts to see what will bring in more shares, comments, and other forms of engagement. You may find that videos perform much better than pictures, or that certain topics get more approvals than others.

If you see trends in what is working and what is not, tweak your strategy, watch, and keep experimenting.

5. Post at the right time.

If you post something on Facebook but no one is around to see it, does it affect?

When it comes to social media, visibility is key. The first part of increasing your visibility is to post regularly. However, you also need to tailor your publishing schedule to suit the scrolling habits of your target audience.

When your users are most active on Facebook between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM, this is your time to post your content. If you publish outside of this window, you run the risk of your content being completely overlooked.

6. Create shareable content.

Whenever you see something that is informative, entertaining, inspiring, or just plain interesting, what’s your first instinct these days? Mine is to hit the share button and send it to other people.

Creating sharable content is one of the best ways to get followers as it will expand your reach.

What makes something so common? It varies depending on the target group, but a common thread is that it has to find resonance. Perhaps your content addresses a problem they have, or it covers a topic that they are interested in.

This HubSpot viral video has received over 760,000 views and shows how to apply a vibrant theme like Game of Thrones to your brand.

Sharable content is also easy to digest – there’s a reason most viral videos usually come from TikTok and Instagram Reels. They are short and to the point.

For example, this 40 second video from ASOS is weird, funny, and has over 300,000 views.

Finally, make sure that your content is visually appealing. If your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to devote in-house resources to creating these creative assets, consider outsourcing them through independent contractors.

7. Interact with your audience.

Facebook users, like most social media users, like to feel like being seen and heard from the brands they are engaging with. Your brand should make it a priority to engage with your followers regularly, whether you’re replying to a direct message or replying to a comment in your last post.

These interactions not only increase your engagement rate, but can also build brand loyalty. And we all know that a consumer who stays true to a brand will spread the word and spawn more brand promoters who act as unofficial influencers.

8. Promote your Facebook page anywhere.

If you want to get more followers on your business page, you should drive traffic to your page whenever possible. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Add a Facebook plugin to your website.
  • Include a CTA in your email newsletter to encourage your subscribers to visit your Facebook page.
  • Embed your Facebook posts whenever relevant in your blog posts.
  • Only host your freebies on Facebook.
  • Promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms.

9. Add your Facebook social link to all digital platforms.

Your Facebook link should be accessible wherever you have an online presence. This includes your website, email, and social media platforms.

Image source

It’s as simple as “Follow Us” or “Connect With Us” using the social icons as shown in the above shop.

The easier it is to find you, the better your chances of getting followers.

10. Work with influencers.

Working with influencers is great for a lot of reasons. The most important one is the credibility they give to your brand. When an influencer is promoting a brand, it is social evidence (i.e. a seal of approval).

You can work with influencers to target an audience you haven’t connected with and drive traffic to your Facebook Page.

Additionally, studies show that consumers trust the word of an influencer more than the word of a brand. By working with influencers, you can gain new followers who already have a certain level of trust in your brand.

11. Work with another brand.

Co-marketing is a collaboration between two brands with similar audiences and marketing goals that come together for marketing efforts.

A co-marketing campaign on Facebook could look like a video series that will be released over a month or week-long Facebook Live events hosted with your partner.

This strategy enables brands to use their individual sales channels to reach new people and share the results of the campaign.

12. Offer a voucher.

In addition to freebies, there are other ways to encourage your audience to promote your brand, including offering coupons.

For example, a plugin like Shopify’s Facebook Likes Popup allows you to offer a discount code to consumers who like your Facebook Page when they make a purchase on your website.

They can also offer discount codes to promote Facebook reviews that can serve as social proof and help you get more followers.

13. Join Facebook groups.

Joining a Facebook group gives you direct access to your target audience.

You can get direct insight into your audience’s needs, worries, likes and dislikes. In addition, it is another channel to create a closer connection with them.

But remember, it’s not a place to sell – use it to introduce yourself to your target people and build authentic connections.

14. Create your own Facebook group.

Having your own Facebook group is arguably the second best channel you can have behind an email list.

Similar to email subscribers, a Facebook group user has chosen to join your group and is staying there because it adds value to their life.

This is another way to attract your audience, build a strong community, and add value to your user personalities.

15. Learn from your Facebook Insights dashboard.

The analysis of your page will go live in your Facebook Insights dashboard.

Learn how users behave on your Facebook business page and how your posts work.

Use it as a resource to find out which strategies are getting you followers and what is worth changing.

16. Use hashtags in your posts.

Hashtags are a great tool to be found on Facebook. You can use them to help your target market find your post and increase your number of followers.

It’s important to use a mix of popular hashtags and niche hashtags to make sure your posts are sufficiently visible without disappearing into a sea of ​​posts.

Example of using hashtags to get more followers

For example, PowerChord used a mix of geospecific hashtags to reach local Facebook users and topic-specific hashtags to reach the audience interested in the topic.

17. Make your page easier to find.

The last thing you want is someone who wants to follow your page but can’t seem to find it. While some can be persistent, once their initial quest is unsuccessful, others may give up.

To avoid this problem altogether, optimize your Facebook Page for Search to make sure you are always easy to find. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Use the same username for all of your social media profiles.
  • Add your logo to your profile picture and include a cover photo that reflects your brand.
  • Have a full About section.
  • Keep your contact information and business hours up to date.

18. Don’t overfeed.

Your Facebook page should be used to connect with your target audience and post content that resonates with them.

While some level of advertising is expected, it shouldn’t be the majority of your posts. Depending on your industry, pushing your products and services can turn your audience off and lead to high non-compliance rates.

19. Authenticate your site.

There are many bots and fake business pages on social media that aim to deceive consumers. This can make Facebook users reluctant to follow brands they don’t know.

Example of a Facebook verification badge

Authenticating your page can give your brand the credibility it needs to keep your target audience safe from fraudulent pages and give them the security they need. To request a confirmation ID on Facebook, you need to fill out this form.

20. Create the original content.

As new social media platforms become more popular, it is easy to recycle content from one platform to another. While this makes it easier to post regularly, it can hurt your engagement.

Every social media platform is different, as are its users. For example, according to a 2019 Buffer study, Facebook users prefer videos over other types of content. The top performing content on Facebook is fun, entertaining, or practical.

With this in mind, it is important to adapt your content to the platform. Reusing it can extend the life of your content. It shouldn’t be your only strategy, however. Make sure you listen to your audience and create content based on their needs.

21. Place advertisements.

In addition to all of the above, you can also run ads to help you reach more Facebook users.

With Facebook Ads, you can target users based on demographics, behaviors, and interests. This guarantees that you will reach users who match your user personality and are more likely to convert.

To get more followers on Facebook, you don’t just have to post regularly. You need to leverage what attracts your audience – through data analytics and community engagement – to develop sustainable strategies.

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