How To Use Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide

Facebook has changed a lot since I first signed up for an account in 2008. Back then Facebook was still called “The Facebook” and my biography literally said, “Look at my MySpace, it’s better than my Facebook.”

Needless to say, Facebook has grown rapidly since I was in middle school and has been adapting as quickly as possible for as long as possible.

If you need a refresher on using Facebook to market your business or want to sign up for a personal account, check out this in-depth explanation of how to use the world’s most popular social media network.

What is facebook

Facebook is a social media network that connects people via an online platform. By sharing content like text status posts, pictures, videos, and external links like blog posts, Facebook users can contribute ideas and participate in conversations with other people who share the same or different interests.

In addition to sharing their own ideas, users can engage with the content others share on Facebook by responding with a like, laugh, disapproval, and even a hug. Comments and shares are additional ways users can interact with each other’s content.

Facebook for Business works similarly, except that businesses have Facebook Pages that aren’t profiled like individual users. Companies can use their Facebook Pages to connect with existing customers, target new customers, and manage customer support.

To fully understand Facebook and how it works, you should familiarize yourself with the general terms used on the platform. Here is a list of the most important Facebook terms and what they mean.


Your information is saved in the Facebook profile. Your name, photo, hometown, workplace, educational history, etc. can be added to your profile. You can make your profile as public or private as you want by turning off the information that you don’t want to be publicly visible.

Facebook profile example for a beginner


All your friends’ posts are displayed here. You’ll also see updates from company pages that you liked. Your posts will also appear in the news feed where your friends can see them.


Often mistaken for a news feed, the timeline is your personal record of all of the posts you’ve shared, and posts that you’ve interacted with. While you usually won’t see status updates from friends here, there is one exception: if they tagged you on a post or photo, it’ll show up on your timeline. By default, your friends can see your timeline when they search for your name, unless you’ve set your privacy settings to do the opposite.


The algorithm is an elusive concept. Essentially, the algorithm is a series of calculations that Facebook’s servers perform every second to determine what content you want to see, interact with, and click next. The algorithm uses dwell time (how long you’re viewing a post), engagement, page likes, posts, and more to determine the type of content you might want to see. Over time, the algorithm can better determine what content to display to you.

Status / contribution

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but “post” is the term Facebook uses to describe something you share on the news feed. Text, pictures, videos, and location are just a few of the types of posts you can share with your friends in the news feed.

How do I write a status or post for a Facebook beginner?


These are people to whom you either sent a request and who accepted it, or people who sent you a request and who you accepted. Unlike other social networking sites where someone can follow you without you following them, you and the other person must be friends on the Facebook friend system. A personal account for one person can’t have more than 5,000 friends (and it’s not a good idea to create a second Facebook profile to get around this rule).How to show Facebook friends for beginners


Facebook also has a follower option. As you add new friends, you will automatically follow them (and they will follow you too). That way, Facebook will add this new friend to your news feed and make sure you see his posts (at least for a while, unless you stop looking into him). People with more than 5,000 friends on their personal Facebook profiles can choose to follow them to stay up to date on their posts. Remember, while Facebook will automatically follow your friends for you, you can manually unfollow them without unfriending them. This action removes these people’s posts from your newsfeed. When you do this, you’ll have to search your friends one by one and move their schedules to get the latest posts.

How to Follow and Follow a Friend on Facebook


Facebook users with similar interests may find it helpful to create a group on the platform. A group is a community of users who interact with each other based on various topics set by the administrators of the group and other users. Only individual users can be added to groups – pages cannot be part of Facebook groups. Administrators have a variety of permissions that they can use to enable or disable the group function in certain ways.

Example of a private Facebook group called Millennial Check-In


Companies use Facebook pages to be present on the social network. Pages aren’t individual Facebook users – think of them as profiles for businesses. You can post updates, pictures, videos, and all other types of content that profiles can. However, they do have an advantage: Facebook Pages can connect to Facebook for Business and run advertising campaigns.

Example of a Facebook page with GoFundme


With so much community on Facebook, individual users and companies have the opportunity to promote events. The events can accept RSVPs, create a guest list, and share the date, time, and location of the event. Events can be virtual via a video platform or in person with a physical location.

Example of a Facebook event with a few dozen people in small boats at the 4th annual Mega Tube Float

delivery boy

Instead of a direct messaging platform in the native Facebook app, Facebook Messenger exists as a separate application so that users can chat individually or in a private group. If you are using on a desktop computer, Messenger will be accessible through the native Facebook website.

Facebook Messenger Button for Beginners


Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are another way that individual users and company pages can connect with their friends and followers. Stories are short pieces of content that are only visible for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the stories will disappear from the newsfeed.

Facebook stories for beginners


A notification, represented by the bell icon in the third circle below, informs you when a friend gets in touch with your posts, photos, videos or your timeline. You will receive a notification explaining what he was doing and when. Friend requests are also displayed here.Facebook notifications for beginners

Now that you have an idea of ​​what Facebook is and how it works, here is a handy guide on how to use Facebook.

How does Facebook work?

Facebook is powered by an algorithm that can learn each user’s preferences and interests. The algorithm then displays content such as pictures, status updates, and videos posted by friends and businesses that the user may be interested in. The goal of Facebook is to get users to engage with content, to consume and share it.

At the same time, Facebook serves ads for companies and these ads are distributed among organic content that your friends have shared in the news feed. The ads are tailored to your interests so that based on the content you have interacted with in the past, you can see what you think the algorithm might be interested in. This is known as behavior targeting.

How the Facebook algorithm works

In the past, Facebook used a chronological timeline. This means that the posts in your newsfeed were listed in the order in which they were last shared by your friends on the platform. If your mom posted three hours ago and your best friend posted five minutes ago, you’ll see your best friend’s post first, and then your mom’s. That changed, however, in September 2011 when Facebook officially announced that it was abolishing the chronological newsfeed and replacing it with a more personal experience. Instead of seeing your friends’ posts in the order they were shared, you will now see the content that the Facebook algorithm likes best for you. This newsfeed is still available today.

How do you use Facebook?

Set up your privacy settings. Personalize your profile. Like and follow public sites. Check your timeline. Add friends on Facebook. Post on Facebook. Add photos and videos. Connect with friends. Check your news feed. Discover additional Facebook functions.

1. Open a Facebook account.

Follow these three simple steps to sign up for a Facebook account.

  • Visit the Facebook website.
  • Enter yours on the homepage First name, Surname, Cell phone number or email, New password, birthday, and gender.
  • click Registration.

Facebook login screen showing new users how to login to Facebook

2. Set up your privacy settings.

After signing up for a Facebook account, you can adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your profile and information. Follow these four easy steps to change your privacy settings.

  • Click the one pointing down arrow It’s in the top right corner of a Facebook page.
  • click the settings.
  • Select in the left sidebar privacy.
  • Determine who can see your past and future posts. You can also control how people can find and contact you.

How to change Facebook privacy settings for new users

There’s probably someone on Facebook with the same name as you. To stand out from these people and help your friends and family find you on Facebook, personalize your profile by adding a profile picture, cover picture, and some personal information.

3. Personalize your profile.

Select profile picture

  • Go to yours profile and click your profile pic.
  • To choose your profile picture, select a photo you’ve already tagged on Facebook, uploaded to Facebook, or a photo from your computer. You can also add a frame to your profile picture.

How to update your profile picture on Facebook

Select cover picture

  • Press the camera Button on your cover picture, which is in your profile.
  • To choose your cover photo, you can choose a photo from your Facebook profile, a selection of Facebook’s own cover photos, create a collage, or upload a photo from your computer. You can also reposition or delete your current cover photo.

How to choose & change a cover photo for a Facebook beginner

Update your profile

  • Press the over Section on your profile page.
  • This section allows you to enter information about your work and education, the places you have lived, contact and basic information, family and relationships, details about you and life events.How to update your profile and section information on Facebook

4. Like and follow public sites.

On Facebook, you can follow and get updates from your favorite brands, celebrities, sports teams and publications. The best way to do this is to search for them on Facebook and like or follow their public page, which has a blue check mark next to their name. After you like or follow her page, her updates will appear in your news feed.

Here's how to find and like public sites like HubSpot on Facebook

5. Check your timeline.

Your timeline is a digital log of your Facebook activity in reverse chronological order. Your status updates, uploaded photos and videos, and the photos you are tagged in will all appear on your timeline.

How to find and view your Facebook timeline

6. Add friends on Facebook.

There are three ways you can add friends on Facebook. Sie können entweder nach ihnen suchen, sie auf der Registerkarte Freunde suchen finden oder eine Liste von Kontakten aus Ihrer E-Mail, iCloud oder Ihrem Telefon importieren.

Um Freunde auf Facebook zu finden, gehen Sie zu Ihrem Profil und wählen Sie die Registerkarte “Freunde”und tippen Sie auf die Schaltfläche Freunde suchen. Sie sehen eine Liste mit Freundschaftsanfragen von anderen Personen und eine Liste mit Personen, die Sie möglicherweise als Freund auf Facebook hinzufügen können.

Wenn Sie eine Kontaktliste auf Facebook hochladen, können Sie Ihre Freunde hinzufügen, während Sie jeden Ihrer Kontakte sortieren.

So fügen Sie Freunde auf Facebook für Anfänger hinzu

7. Auf Facebook posten.

Der Hauptzweck von Facebook ist es, Freunden und Familie zu helfen, sich miteinander zu verbinden. Und der beste Weg, um mit Ihren Freunden und Ihrer Familie in Kontakt zu treten, besteht darin, sie über Ihr Leben mit Statusaktualisierungen zu informieren. Um einen Facebook-Status freizugeben, rufen Sie das Textfeld oben auf Ihrer Newsfeed-Seite oder auf Ihrer Profilseite auf.

Mit Statusaktualisierungen können Sie Text mit 15 verschiedenfarbigen Hintergründen, Fotos, Videos, GIFs, Aufklebern und Links teilen.

Sie können auch andere Arten von Posts freigeben, z.

  • Gefühl / Aktivität: Teilen Sie mit, wie Sie sich gerade fühlen oder was Sie gerade tun.
  • Einchecken: Wenn Sie eine Stadt, einen Ort oder einen Ort besuchen, checken Sie ein und teilen Sie Ihren Freunden mit, wo Sie sich befinden.
  • Tag Freunde: Wenn Sie mit Ihren Freunden abhängen, markieren Sie sie in Ihrem Status und teilen Sie mit, was Sie tun.
  • Tag-Ereignis: Wenn Sie an einer Veranstaltung teilnehmen, können Sie diese in Ihrem Status markieren und mitteilen, an welcher Veranstaltung Sie teilnehmen.
  • Fragen Sie nach Empfehlungen: Wenn Sie gerade irgendwohin gezogen sind oder einen Ort besuchen möchten, können Sie Ihre Facebook-Freunde um Empfehlungen bitten, wohin Sie gehen sollen.
  • Umfrage: Fragen Sie Ihre Facebook-Freunde nach ihrer Meinung zu einem bestimmten Thema.
  • Support Nonprofit: Wählen Sie eine gemeinnützige Organisation Ihrer Wahl und teilen Sie sie über Ihren Status. Ihre Facebook-Freunde können dann die auswählen Spenden-Button die gewählte Organisation zu unterstützen.
  • Beantworte eine Frage: Wählen Sie eine vorgegebene Frage aus, um sie zu beantworten, oder erstellen Sie eine eigene Frage, um sie zu beantworten und mit Ihren Facebook-Freunden zu teilen.
  • Listen: Wählen Sie ein vorbestimmtes Thema aus, um eine Liste zu erstellen, oder erstellen Sie ein eigenes Thema und teilen Sie es mit Ihren Facebook-Freunden.
  • Facebook-Geschichten: Alle Inhalte, die Sie durch eine Statusaktualisierung freigeben können, können über Ihre Facebook-Story geteilt werden. Sie können auch Inhalte zu Ihren Storys hochladen, indem Sie in der rechten Seitenleiste auf die Schaltfläche Zu Ihrer Story hinzufügen klicken. Darüber hinaus können Sie alle Facebook-Geschichten Ihrer Freunde anzeigen, indem Sie auf deren Bild im Bereich “Geschichten” klicken, der sich ebenfalls in der rechten Seitenleiste Ihrer Startseite befindet.

8. Fügen Sie Fotos und Videos hinzu.

Auf Facebook können Sie Ihrem Profil Fotos, Videos, Alben und Live-Videoübertragungen hinzufügen, die alle Ihre Freunde sehen können.

Hochladen von Fotos oder Videos

Führen Sie die folgenden vier einfachen Schritte aus, um Fotos oder Videos in Ihr Profil hochzuladen:

  • Gehen Sie zu Ihrem Profil.
  • Wähle aus photos Tab.
  • Wählen Füge Fotos / Video hinzu.

Laden Sie Bilder oder Videos von Ihrem Computer hoch.So laden Sie neue Fotos und Videos auf Facebook hoch

Creating photo or video albums

To create a photo or video album, follow these four simple steps:

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap the photos tab.
  • Tap Create Album.

Upload pictures or videos from your computer.How to create a new photo or video album in Facebook

Facebook Live

To do a live broadcast on your Facebook account, follow these three simple steps.

  • In the box that says What’s on your mind?, select Live Video.
  • Once you select Live Video, you can write a description about your broadcast, tag people in it, add a feeling or activity, check in to an event, support a non-profit, or add a poll. You can also title your live broadcast or tag a video game if you’re live streaming someone or yourself playing a video game.
  • Select Go Live when you’ve finished describing your live broadcast.

How to go live on Facebook for beginners

9. Connect with friends.

On your news feed, you’ll see updates from your friends, family, or public pages you follow. To interact with them, you can like and react to their posts, share content on their timelines, and communicate with them through text or video chat.

Like, Comment, Or Share

If you like someone’s post, give them a thumbs up, comment on their post, or share it.

Other Reactions

If your Facebook friend’s post evokes a stronger reaction in you than a like, you can also express that you love, laughed, are amazed, sad, or angry at their post by holding down the Like button.

Facebook emoji reactions

Sharing Content on Your Friends’ Timelines

Anything you can post on your status, you can also post on your friend’s timeline.

Facebook Messenger

To chat with your friends or public pages on Facebook, use Facebook Messenger. You can access it by tapping the Messages button at the top right corner of any Facebook page or selecting the Messages button on the left sidebar of the home page.

How to use Facebook messenger

Next, select New Message and type in your friend or brand’s name that you want to connect with. Facebook Messenger also lets you create group chats by clicking on New Group. After that, all you have to do is name your group and add the friends you want to include in the group.

How to send a new message in Facebook messenger

When you message your friends or group on Facebook Messenger, you can upload pictures, videos, and files from your computer, as well as stickers, GIFs, emojis, and take pictures and videos from your computer’s or phone’s camera.

You can also view Messenger on its own page, where you can search for past conversations and manage your settings. To view Messenger on its own page tap the Messages button in the top right corner of any Facebook page and then tap the See All in Messenger button.

How to find Facebook messenger

To instant message your friends’ who are logged onto Facebook at the same time as you, tap the Chat button on the bottom of any Facebook page and strike up a conversation with your friends who are online.How to view messenger conversations on the main Facebook screen

Phone and Video Calling

When you have Messenger open on its own page, you can search for any of your friends or groups, click on their name, and tap the phone or video chat button to call them.

How to chat through Facebook messenger

10. Review your newsfeed.

Your news feed is a curated feed of posts from your friends, family, and public pages you follow that Facebook’s algorithm thinks you’ll be interested in. You’ll also see ads from brands who think you’ll enjoy consuming their content or products.

To customize your news feed, tap the downward pointing arrow in the upper right corner of any Facebook page and tap News Feed Preference.

From there, you can prioritize whose posts you’ll see first, unfollow people and groups to hide their posts, reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed, discover public pages that match your interests, and hide apps from your news feed.

11. Discover additional Facebook features.

Facebook isn’t just a platform for viral content and connection. It’s also a hub for community communications, video streaming, marketplaces, and games.


The Events page on Facebook will show you any upcoming events that are popular with your Facebook friends or have been set up by the groups you belong to. You can also find events based on their date, location, and category.

To find the Events page, select the Zuhause button. Then, on the left sidebar, you’ll see the Explore section, where you can select Veranstaltungen

Facebook event in Bartlett, TN for an outdoor spring crafts fair


The Groups page on Facebook will show you which groups you manage and belong to. You can also discover groups to join based on Facebook’s suggestions and a ton of other categories.

To access the Groups page, tap the Home button and then on the left sidebar, you’ll see the Explore section, where you can click Groups.

How to find and see a group on Facebook

View facebook

On the Facebook Watch platform, you can watch videos from the shows you’re following and search for other shows and videos.

To access Facebook Watch, select the Home button. Then, on the left sidebar, you’ll see the Watch button right under the Marketplace button.

How to view groups in one page on Facebook


Not only does Facebook compete with Netflix in the streaming industry, but they also compete with eBay in the marketplace industry. With Facebook Marketplace, you can browse for all kinds of products, join groups to buy and sell products with people in your area or who share similar interests, shop for products sold from different shops, shop by category, and sell your own products.

To access Facebook Marketplace, select the Zuhause button. Then on the left sidebar, you’ll see the Marketplace button right under the Watch button.

Facebook marketplace for beginners featuring a table, a house, and a studio apartment for sale


Facebook Games is one of Facebook’s best features. They host a huge collection of massively popular games, and you can browse the most popular games on the platform by top charts and categories. You can even play most of the games with your friends, too.

Facebook games for beginners Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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