Account-based podcasting: the new ABM

Account-based marketing has taken the sales and marketing industry by storm. Modern B2B sales and marketing teams turn to ABM for a more personalized shopping experience for specific groups of high quality accounts.

These teams work together to increase sales by incorporating messages tailored to each stage of the account’s buying journey. This approach works. However, in order to better engage potential customers and create a unique shopping experience, it needs to be adjusted as shoppers’ expectations change.

Therefore I present you an add-on for your ABM strategy: account-based podcasting. Or, as I like to call it, ABP.

What is account-based podcasting?

Like ABM, ABP creates a personalized experience specifically for your target accounts. ABP enriches your ABM strategy by putting your brand’s podcast at the center of your account-based marketing efforts. ABP is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression by bringing a new level of ultra-personalized, highly engaging content to your ideal audience.

Rather than relying on generic buyer personalities from your ideal customer profile, you can use your podcast content to increase reach and connect with the actual people you want to develop a relationship with.

Your podcast is already tailored for a specific audience, so your ABP content addresses the real weaknesses and goals of those buyers. As a result, they’ll feel like you’re talking to them on a personal level, which further enhances the connection with your brand.

Now that you have a better understanding of what account-based podcasting is, let’s look at several ways you can successfully execute an ABP strategy and use it to your advantage.

Earn trust

Your podcast offers a wealth of personalized expertise, from the topics discussed to the guests you receive on each episode.

A common misconception about podcasting is that guests share the same ideas in every interview. Just because a guest is doing the rounds on multiple industry podcasts doesn’t mean the conversation with you is exactly the same. The guest shares new insights and perspectives with every company interaction.

It is the host’s job to conduct the conversation in a way that matters to your audience. Give your audience a uniquely intimate experience by providing personalized playlists, targeted clips, and content to your most important prospects – things that no one else can offer.

Promoting cooperation

Salespeople have a knack for getting to know people. You will learn what makes people tick, what fuels them and which struggles keep them awake at night.

Use these talented people to take control of the process of your podcast. Invite them to brainstorm sessions for episode and guest ideas and reinforcement strategies. You will gain helpful insights into the problems potential customers face in sales pitches. You can then customize podcast episode topics to address those vulnerabilities and show that you understand your listeners’ needs.

Such a perspective can help marketers identify additional value in each episode by identifying content that can serve different areas of the business. It’s also an easy way to help your sales team better understand the value of your podcast so they can turn it into meaningful content for the prospects they want.

Get started with account-based podcasting

Every podcast episode you create is a gold mine just waiting to be discovered.

Some marketers believe that a podcast with a steady cadence is enough to get the results you want, e.g. B. Attract a larger audience and nurture leads. This may be true for a short while, but a podcast shouldn’t be an island in itself. Your branded podcast should be the focus of your engagement efforts, and each episode should be squeezed until all possible content has been extracted from it.

Then it should be checked again and squeezed again, just for good measure.

For example, you can gain insights and share clips from an episode with the audience who will benefit from the information. Much like finding a song that speaks to what you’re going through, your targeted clips and content should really match what your audience is experiencing.

Another option is to provide your audience with a personalized playlist that is filled with relevant content. You can demonstrate your value in consumables by putting together audio clips that are tailored to your prospect’s vulnerabilities.

Designing such an intimate experience with your brand cannot be matched by anyone else. If you can set up a system in which your sales and marketing teams work together to provide deeply personalized content and valuable information, you can attract your prospects.

ABP for profit

The goal of account-based podcasting efforts is to make audiences feel so connected to your business that they become lifelong customers and brand advocates. ABP enables marketing and sales teams to make real, lasting impressions as audiences connect with real people they believe can empathize with through similar experiences.

By delivering ultra-personalized, highly engaging content, you are more likely to engage potential customers and create a unique shopping experience, even as their expectations change.

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