The step-by-step guide to Instagram Live [+ Influencer-Approved Tips]

There are many benefits for businesses to post live video on Instagram.

For one, people love to watch live video. The content can feel more authentic and natural than if it had been pre-recorded – just think of how addicting Saturday Night Live can be, especially when the actors make mistakes or break the character.

Additionally, 82% of people prefer live video from a brand over standard social media posts.

You can use Instagram’s live feature to host live Q&A with industry leaders, stream entire virtual events, or host live product tutorials from social media influencers.

If you’ve never posted a live video on Instagram before, you’re in luck. Here’s how to go live on Instagram in five easy steps. Plus, check out Instagram influencers’ favorite tips for creating Instagram Live content.

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Tips from influencers when using Instagram Live

Before we dive into how to go live on Instagram, let’s examine some tips from various influencers that you might want to follow when you test Instagram Live for the first time.

1. Mary Jelkovsky (@maryscupofteaa, 281,000 followers) says it’s a great opportunity to present a more authentic side to you or your brand.

“Instagram Live is a great way for your audience to see who you are and interact with you in real time.”

“I really enjoy living a life together because you and a friend or other influencer / brand can target both audiences and lead very talkative lives.”

“I’ve even made friends with people after living a life with them! It’s a great way to meet people and socialize.”

2. Diego Leon (@dandyinthebronx, 41,2,000 followers) urges users to wait for the appropriate time to go live and reach most of the people.

“One of the great things about Instagram Live is that you can use Instagram to share your content with more people. For example, when you go to the Instagram Live screen, it tells you how many of your followers are currently online. I would recommend this information to know when to go live in the future. “

3. Eli Erlick (@elierlick, 40.3K followers) recommends using Instagram Live to interact directly with your followers.

“Instagram Live is the best option for interacting directly with followers. Having an engaging social media presence is more important than ever, especially when people are separated from friends or family.”

“With Live, users can not only speak to you directly, but also immediately discuss what you have to offer them.”

4. Tomi Obebe (@GoodTomiCha, 39.7,000 followers) suggests using Instagram Live as an opportunity to improve your marketing mix.

“Instagram Live is a great way to improve your marketing mix. I think viewers really value being able to ask questions in real time or watch a tutorial on a live show and see that a product really works. “”

“Instagram Live gives you a sense of authenticity that you can’t really share with other features in the app.”

How to go live on Instagram

It is important to note that these instructions will only work if you open the Instagram app on mobile devices. However, if you’d rather make a live Instagram video from the desktop, you’ll need to use a third-party tool like Loola TV.

1. Open your Instagram app and click the camera icon in the top left corner.

The first step in creating an Instagram Live is to click the camera icon in the top left of your screen2. Scroll to Live, then click the white circle button.

In the navigation below, scroll all the way to the left until you see “Live”. Then click the large white circle to start recording.

(Note: you’ll know you’re live when you see the pink “Live” button at the top of the screen and the text “We’re telling your followers that you’ve started a live video” at the bottom.)

Step two to creating an Instagram Live is to click

3. Filter your live video.

If you want to filter your live video, click the smiley face icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then scroll through the options shown below.

Change the filter in Instagram Live Videos with the smiley face icon

4. Invite others to your live event.

To get more engagement on your live video, click on your profile (in the top left of the screen) then click “Invite Others to Join” to invite your co-workers, friends, clients, co-influencers, and more.

Invite others to join your live video on Instagram

5. Use questions and answers to connect with your viewers and answer questions.

As followers join, be sure to keep an eye on any questions they ask. To do this, click on the question mark in the lower right corner of your screen. Here you can see and answer your followers’ questions.

Use the Q&A option on Instagram Live to connect with followers

6. Consider hosting a live event with other brands or influencers in an Instagram Live Room.

To expand your reach, consider hosting a live event together with other brands or influencers in an Instagram live room. To go live in a room, click the video player icon and invite other users to go live with you, or search for someone else’s live video in the search bar.

Use Instagram's Live Room featuer to expand your reach with your live videos

7. End your video when you are ready.

To end your video, click the “X” in the top right corner of your screen and select the pink “End Now” button.

End your Instagram Live video by clicking the X in the top right corner

How to Share or Save Your Instagram Live Video

You may want to share your live video with your IGTV so that followers can watch the video on your Instagram account afterwards.

Just follow these steps to save your Instagram Live video and share it with IGTV.

When you click End Video on your live video, Instagram offers three pop-up options: Share with IGTV, Download Video, or Delete Video.

To share the video on your IGTV, click on “Share with IGTV” and then on the blue “Next” button on the top right of your screen. Then edit your cover photo, title, and description. When you are happy with it, click on “Post” in the upper right corner.

How to save your Instagram Live on IGTV

If you share your live video with your IGTV, your followers will still be able to watch it and watch it again when it becomes available. If you are creating an exclusive live event for members only, you can skip this step. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to keep the content you’ve created to increase awareness of followers who couldn’t attend live.

For example, I regularly take Instagram live exercise classes from fitness trainer Kayleigh Guinee, but sometimes I’m not available for the live version. Fortunately, I know she saves her videos on IGTV so I can always get the videos when I’m ready to watch:

Kayleigh Guinee's IGTV area that will house her Instagram Live videos after filmingThe best part is that I can pause, fast-forward or play the live version at any time. You’ll know you’re watching a previously live Instagram video when you see the little “What Live” text in the top left of the screen:

Kayleigh Guinee's IGTV video of a live Instagram training sessionI spoke to Kayleigh to understand why influencers prefer live video over other forms of content.

Kayleigh told me, “Online workouts are awesome, but live workouts on Instagram allow my followers to connect with me – and each other – while building a community more like in-person fitness classes.”

Kayleigh added, “We can all see who is joining, chatting, and exercising in real time. It is also important to set aside a time to attend a workout that will help us all be more responsible.”

Instead, to save your Instagram Live video and reuse it on your own website, simply click the “Download Video” button as soon as you hit the “Stop Video” button. The video is automatically saved in the Photos app on your smartphone. From there, you can embed the video on your website, share it on your other social platforms, or even email it to prospects and customers.

How to save your live Instagram video for later cross-channel reuseFinally, Instagram’s live tool comes with some great features. Next, let’s examine what these are.

Instagram live features

As soon as you roll with an Instagram Live you will see three icons at the bottom of your screen – a Plus sign in a VCR icon, question mark bubble, and paper airplane.

interesting features live on Instagram

1. The plus sign in a VCR With the symbol you can join an Instagram Live Room. A live room is a great opportunity to host a live video with up to three guests together so that you can quickly expand your reach. Perhaps you’re working with some influencers in your industry to host a roundtable discussion with yourself as the host. Ideally, the followers of these influencers watch the live video and learn more about your brand.

2. The question mark bubble icon This option allows you to share questions from your viewers. (It’s important to note that you can only share questions if someone posted a question during your live video.)

The question area of ​​an Instagram Live

3. The paper airplane icon This option allows you to send a direct message to someone through your Instagram Live video. You may want to do this when you want to invite someone who has not yet joined your live video.

How to turn off live video comments or hide offensive comments on Instagram Live

If you would like to deactivate commenting on your live video, tap on the three dots in the “Comment” field and click on “Deactivate comment”.

How to turn off commenting on Instagram LiveAlternatively, you can click on the three dots if you also want to “Disable startup requirements” if you don’t want other participants to ask for co-hosting.

We also recommend hiding offensive comments to ensure that followers don’t post inappropriate comments while watching a live video. To do this, go to your Instagram Settings> Privacy> Comments. Then turn on “Hide Offensive Comments”.

Additionally, you can manually filter to hide certain inappropriate words or phrases that you don’t want to appear during your live video. Just toggle “Manual Filter” and enter the phrases you want to hide.

And that’s it! Hopefully, you will have your own Instagram live videos up and running in no time. Remember, there is no pressure to get your live videos perfect. In fact, followers often appreciate being able to see real, authentic footage of your brand behind the scenes.

To learn more about how to create great live video and get inspiration, check out what types of live video people actually see. [New Data].

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