How to use video in your account-based marketing activities

Stop me, if this sounds familiar to you: you have a lead who ticks every box on your “ideal customer” list, but because you’re so busy playing a mole with every lead that comes through the door .. Your ideal customer will slip through your fingers.

You’re likely throwing a wide B2B marketing network with the intent of flipping any lead that shows interest in your content. They publish ads, promotions, offers, blog posts, and landing pages to get those views and clicks. However, that makes it harder to identify, nurture, and convert the high quality leads that you really want.

So what’s a surefire way to target those top leads in a way that you can measure engagement outcomes?

By charging your account-based marketing approach with video.

What account-based marketing is

An account-based marketing (ABM) approach consists of creating focused programs for target companies (accounts) that match your ideal customer profile (ICP).

The foundation of the ABM strategy is formed by four key actions: identify, expand, onboard, and convert accounts that show both suitability and interest in your product or your intent as a qualified lead.

In keeping with the fishing analogy: instead of throwing out the broad B2B marketing network for anything that comes in your way, ABM lets you spearfish for a specific species of fish.

By focusing on target accounts that are specific to your ICP, you increase the chances of attracting key accounts. It’s the age-old “quality over quantity”. ABM uses a variety of “outbound” tactics to attract potential buyers and decision makers to large accounts – tactics such as targeted advertising, direct mail, social selling, and (last but not least) video prospecting.

How To Use Video In Your Account Based Marketing Funnel

Videos can play a unique role in targeting accounts through ABM in a number of ways. There aren’t many other tactics that can help you stand out from the crowd, drive engagement, and track analytics at the same time. By creating videos and hosting them on a corporate video platform, you can do just that.

A big part of ABM outreach is making personal connections. When targeting accounts, you need to make the prospect feel like they are being seen. What better way to do this than having a personalized video message in an email to prospects?

Research shows that potential customers are five times more likely to interact with a personalized video message than traditional text-based email, which increases the likelihood of them engaging and converting.

Video prospecting is relatively easy and accessible. All you need is a free video tool, a webcam, and a little practice with the camera.

Take all the energy out of your personal sales pitches and use it in a video. Let your personality shine through to grab a prospect’s attention and engage with them.

Three types of prospecting videos for use in ABM

There are three main types of prospecting video that you can create and use in your ABM endeavors:

  1. Webcam video: Introduce yourself and start developing a relationship with the prospect with your face in the foreground.
  2. Screen sharing video: Show instead of telling. Ideal for presentations, website overviews or product lists. Or, go through the prospect’s website and point out known vulnerabilities that you can resolve.
  3. Marketing Personalized Video: You can use automation to personalize videos instead of creating them individually for each prospect, which saves time and makes it easy to scale your reach.

Think about what type of video will appeal to your intended viewer and make the best first impression. The type of video you choose should always be tailored to your prospect.

How to use video analytics in your ABM funnel

The nice thing about working with video is the back-end analytics that you can view and use on ABM.

Other forms of content, such as blog or social media posts, allow you to see how many people have viewed the content, but not who has viewed it for how long. With the help of video analytics, companies can keep track of what their prospects have seen, skipped, or repeated.

All of this data can then be fed into marketing and CRM systems for segmentation, evaluation and cross-functional coordination.

Let View Data control automated channels

Try to create account specific “personalized videos” that can easily fix an account’s unique weak point. Then paste the video into marketing emails and run retargeting ads on leads who watch 50% of the video or more.

Let video analytics power your automated channels and increase funnel speed by delivering ads that are relevant to your target account. The video content they’ve been engaging with can tell you exactly what to offer them next based on the stage of travel they’re in.

This will ensure that you are showing the right type of content to the right audience at the right time, and not burning advertising money on leads that are too cold to convert.

Personalize direct mail gifts on a large scale

Direct mail gifts are easily one of the most personal marketing tactics, but how do you scale?

First, allow your sales reps to create a personalized video to put their name on when sending gifts to target accounts.

Then have the sales reps create a unique unboxing video of the direct mail gift for a follow-up message. This makes tracking even more personal, and recognizing the gift in the video thumbnail (of the sales rep showing it to the camera) is sure to increase views!

Next, track each view of the video message and provide a personalized asset to those who view and accept it. That keeps them going through the funnel.

Getting started with video

By topping up your ABM with video, you can break into cold accounts with warm introductions and make personalized connections on a large scale. You will increase your response rates, shorten deal cycles and increase the average contract values.

All you need is a great video platform to make it happen. Want to learn more about videos for ABM? Visit our website or request
to see a demo of Vidyard
what it is about.

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