Measuring Customer LTV: Top Approaches and Challenges for Marketers

Only 17% of marketers say their company measures customer lifetime value (LTV) very well or extremely well, according to recent research by the CMO Council and Deloitte Digital. The report is based on data from a survey of more than 150 global marketing leaders. About 4% of marketers say their company measures LTV very well, […]

How do I write a great value proposition? [+Examples]

Your value proposition is at the core of your competitive advantage. It makes it clear why someone wants to buy from your company rather than a competitor. It’s also one of the most important conversion factors (learn all about conversion best practices in this free guide). A great value proposition could be the difference between […]

Can’t we all just get along? Why sales and marketing need to work together

There is a long history of tension between sales and marketing, especially in B2B companies. Initially, it was the skepticism of sales that the work of marketing was delivering something of measurable value. However, things started to change as digital tools and strategies became more prevalent. Now marketers can prove their efforts are making an […]

20 of the best product page design examples we’ve ever seen

When you compare how product pages are taking shape in different companies, it becomes clear that they cover the whole gamut. Some take the direct approach, showing a picture of a product and explaining why someone should buy it. Other companies create complex pages with moving parts and fancy, interactive elements. However, other companies create […]

Email Marketing Statistics You Need To Know [Infographic]

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How we developed the strategy for our new flagship podcast

You didn’t think we’d start a podcast network without a new HubSpot show, did you? We’re excited to announce our new flagship podcast, The Shake Up, starring comedian Alexis Gay and venture capitalist Brianne Kimmel. It is produced by Senior Producer Matthew Brown and made available to you on the HubSpot Podcast Network. The Shake […]

13 Social Media Strategies and Resources for Black Businesses

Welcome to Break the blueprint – a new series of blogs exploring the unique business challenges and opportunities black business owners and entrepreneurs face. Learn how they grew or scaled their business, researched entrepreneurial ventures in their companies or created sideline jobs, and how their stories can inspire and influence your own success. Since the […]