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The 4 Go-To Social Media Video Platforms and How to Engage Their Audiences [New Data]

Last week, the HubSpot State of Marketing Report 2021 showed that video is the top content marketing strategy for brands, while social media is ranked as the top marketing channel. With data like the one above – and all of the growing social media video hosting sites out there – it’s obvious that social media […]

This is how you influence the purchasing decisions of B2B buyers

If you want to influence B2B buying decisions, start by uncovering all of the potential buyer’s concerns and needs, according to a recent study by the RAIN Group. The report is based on data from a 2020 survey of 528 buyers and sellers worldwide. Approximately 71% of buyers say that a seller’s thorough assessment of […]

Why job seekers don’t accept offers [Infographic]

Why Are Some Job Seekers Not Accepting Offers When Recruitment Resumes in the United States? According to recent research by Talroo, a number of forces influence these decisions, including concerns about childcare and home care, the desire for higher wages, and the impact of unemployment and stimulus payments. To attract workers, employers would benefit from […]

Is your content working? How to Measure Content Marketing Results

Most marketers seem convinced that their job is effective: only 35% of marketers think it is “very important” to know the return on marketing investment (ROMI), according to a survey by HubSpot. However, the same survey found that 91% of marketers are confident that their campaigns will affect sales. If marketers don’t understand the ROI […]

Avoid Marketing Irrelevance: Stop Asking What Is Our Budget? and start asking, ‘What is our sales target?’

Established industries are often disrupted. Think of the disruption of technology to the stock markets and traditional travel agencies, or the disruption of the entertainment industry by streaming services. In any case, the incumbents argued, “It is not that easy to dismantle the status quo and start over.” Yet that is exactly what the upstart […]